UI 2.0 is Coming Soon! This is the Mlbb in My Dream!


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Nov 4, 2018
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I bet all of you must be very familiar with this UI interface. It has accompanied us for a really, really long time. However, as MLBB keeps innovating, this UI interface cannot satisfy our requirements for more advancement anymore.

Therefore, the MLBB Team has initiated a secret project, code-named Evolution, to offer you an all-new UI interface! This upgrade will lead the UI interface into a 2.0 era, greatly improving its quality and offering you a refreshing game experience!
Now, let’s find out what to expect in UI 2.0!

Ⅰ. Quality Enhancement: All-round upgrade of game experience

Main Lobby for UI 2.0
The most striking point is the layout of the Lobby. Unlike the previous one, the all-new UI 2.0 leaves more space for displaying the battlefields.

Battlefield in UI 2.0
The new layout amplifies what’s most important of the game—battlefields. Once entering the game, the battlefields will immediately catch your eye. Meanwhile, you could see more details of the battlefields! Everything looks more vivid—the all-new riverways, jungles and creep’s nests offer you better visual enjoyment. Even the waterfalls at the border of the battlefield are meticulously designed.

The previous battlefields are displayed in a format similar to 2D cartoon style, due to the restriction of the layout. Now, the all-new battlefields are presented in a CG format, with magnificent design, stunningly delicate pictures, abundant details, and a more realistic CG scene.

This upgrade prioritizes battlefields, the essential element of MOBA game, bringing them back to the center of the player’s attention and catering to the players’ habits. Thus, it makes the layout of the whole UI interface more sensible.

Previous Battlefields
Another important improvement in the all-new UI interface is the more thoughtful color scheme.

The UI 2.0 interface chooses blue as the main color, making it look cleaner and softer. The main color, blue, presented in different shades, increases the sensation of space and creates a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere. The scenes in cold blues construct an e-sports atmosphere, which is unique in MOBA games, enhancing the sense of immersion, and thus, offering a better immersive experience.

Pop-up Windows in UI 2.0
Another color, gold, presented in a realistic style, shows a sense of nobleness and further improves the quality of the game.

Golden Button in UI 2.0
Besides the overall style, UI 2.0 also excels in details.
In the all-new UI 2.0, a dynamic fog particle effect will be employed uniformly, replacing the existing flicker effect, and assorted with gentle shading, making the whole interface look graceful and feel more real, which further enhances the quality of the game.

Special Effects in UI 2.0

Special Effects in Previous UI
UI 2.0 also improves a lot in designing and matching the lines and pages. It is quite obvious that the design of UI 2.0 is neater, with more artistic lines and an improved sense of design and modern.

Ⅱ. Optimized Interactions: Swifter response and easier operation
Besides the all-round upgrade in appearance, which greatly improves players’ visual experience, UI 2.0 has also optimized its interaction.

Above all, the most obvious improvement you’ll notice is the tactile sense. In UI 2.0, you will enjoy a better interactive experience just by tapping the screen.

The dynamic ripple effect and unique tapping sounds in UI 2.0 will offer you all-new audio and visual experience, which will impress you for sure!

Yet that’s not the best part. Since the interactive logic of UI 2.0 has been systematically improved, the interaction becomes more convenient for players.

Daily Rewards in Previous UI
Take Daily Rewards as an example, in UI 2.0, the tasks are displayed vertically, enabling you to scroll down the page when you check the tasks, which caters to the habits of most players. Therefore, it’s easier to read the contents of every tasks and more convenient to check more tasks.

Daily Rewards in UI 2.0
There is a lot more improvement in UI 2.0. Log in and explore them by yourself!
Ⅲ. Reduced Memory Enabling Smoother Experience

Please let us emphasize another fascinating thing—though UI 2.0 has greatly improved its appearance and interaction, the performance requirements for your phone are not raised at all. What’s more, since the interactive logic has been improved, The performance requirements have actually dropped.

Therefore, we could assure you, the all-new UI will hardly cause any lag or stuttering and won’t occupy more memory.

There is plenty more improvement in UI 2.0. The background music and the interactive sounds have been upgraded—all to bring all-new audio and visual experience for you!

We’d like to keep all the improvements under wraps for now. We will reveal the UI 2.0 comprehensively later through videos. Please stay tuned and get ready to be impressed!