UL Solutions announced 3DMark Steel Nomad, a New Non-Ray Tracing Benchmark

A notable developer of popular 3DMark benchmarking software, UL Solutions, announced a new major software benchmark tool designed to assess the performance of computer hardware under demanding non-ray tracing workloads and to provide a firm performance test for a broad range of computing systems. It is also referenced from the previous benchmarks and recorded to be the next iteration of the company, following the 3DMark Time Spy.


The upcoming new software benchmark, 3DMark Steel Nomad, is said to be a robust, multi-platform benchmarking tool. It will support DirectX 12 via Windows, macOS and iOS via Metal, Android using Vulkan, and Linux using Vulkan as well through respective APIs. A teaser of introductory visual quality has already been released via three screenshots; however, the comprehensive details of Steel Nomad’s structure and possible CPU tests are not yet determined and have not been released to the public.


As aforementioned, Steel Nomad is designed for non-ray tracing, which sparks some questions regarding its performance impact on contemporary high-end GPUs, including the NVIDIA RTX 4090. It remains undetermined whether such graphic cards will be able to reach their performance ceilings or will be able to handle the benchmark with relative ease, maintaining frame rates 60 FPS above at 4K resolution.


UL Solution hasn’t released any details yet regarding Steel Nomad’s release date, price, and any video content for the benchmark, but it is coming soon.