Ultimate Beginners Guide to NieR Reincarnation

Applibot, a gaming business, came up with the brilliant concept of Nier Reincarnation. With this game, a whole new universe of discovery comes to life. You must enter a female who is being led by a ghost-like monster. While doing so, you must travel through the Cage's many sections.

There is some terrifying anime in the game, as well as haunting characters. In the game, there are mostly three phases. When you're residing, you'll need a thorough understanding of the game's techniques and backgrounds. This holds true for all games. Because if you start playing a game with a decent knowledge, you will have a good chance of winning.


So, after attentively reading this tutorial, you should have a good idea of how to play the game more tactically. This might be beneficial to newcomers. This is an extremely addicting game with an intricate and intriguing narrative. Maybe you're just getting started with the game and have a lot of questions in your brain. Now is the moment to put all of your problems to rest. So, let's get started with the ultimate guide. To incorporate these hints and suggestions into your gameplay, download Nier Reincarnation for PC.


We discussed the fundamental plot of the game at the outset of this session. Let us now look at some essential characteristics that are required while analyzing the game's strategies. The English version of Nier Reincarnation may be considered a standard gacha game that is free to download and play. The gacha and stamina systems are in charge of the servers and the game's operation.

Between gacha and stamina, there are several distinctions. Gacha games, in general, do not need any tugging from the player, yet they do require weaponry. Some weapons are included with that particular unit. The majority of the other gacha methods will remain unchanged. There will be a pulling dupe which will help the break and awaken weapon with materials to the limit.

In most cases, it will be delivered in a set. When the weapons reach Level 5, the unit level cap will be increased. This will be used with all of the typical jazz instruments.


We've all heard the term "Gacha" when playing a game. However, most of us don't always understand what Gacha implies. Gachas are divided into three categories. Premium, chapter, and event are the three options. Let us now look into those aspects in further depth.

Premium gacha — this is the gacha where you may purchase weapons using in-game currency. Gems can be used as a form of in-game currency. As previously stated, several weapons will be equipped with a particular attachment unit.

Chapter gacha - this is the gacha where you may use your chapter tickets to get various items. You may utilize grinding to complete chapter objectives in particular. As previously stated, it may be used to improve the units.

This event gacha can only be unlocked once the preceding gacha has been finished. As a result, the players can only pull one gacha every day. When you finish the eighth chapter, it will offer you five free.

Nier Reincarnation Quests

This may be described as the game's heart. Quests are usually more enjoyable to complete and provide greater rewards. Under the quests, there are parts that will appear as primary. They are, respectively, the support quest, the primary mission, and the arena. Let us now look for further information on them.

In this area, the primary quest players must deal with the main plot. You must circumnavigate the Cage by completing several sorts of mini-stories. It would be ideal if you could finish it in a straight line. Because this is a one-way excursion, you must tap all of the blackbirds before continuing. The additional locations will automatically unlock as you proceed through the main mission.

Support quests are the most common types of quests. You may grind for materials to improve your units, weapons, memories, and otomos by grinding for resources. There will also be event quests that are related to the plot. One such event quest is the Nier: Automata collab.

Arena - the name suggests that you will be pitting your squad against the players from other groups. Arena medals may be earned and used to trade things in the arena medal exchange store. When you complete Chapter 6 of the main quest, it will unlock.


This will be rated from two to four stars. The four-star is the game's rarest rarity, and you'll notice a pattern among these troops. When you play the game, every unit in the main plot will get two-star, three-star, and four-star ratings. When the players complete the related chapter, the two stars will hand over to them. Only three- and four-star units will be available in Nier Reincarnation's support mission.

In the game, there will be no unit skill tree or complicated skill system. You must do a basic task. It is grinding the resources in order to raise the unit, skill, and ability levels. It has the potential to reduce the amount of time it takes to enable the higher level cap. There will also be rank, but it will get increased through the battles most of the time.

Nier Reincarnation Weapons

Weapons ranging from two to four stars are available in the game. However, there will be no two-star, three-star, or four-star variants. All of the weapons in the game are one-of-a-kind. There is an element connected with each weapon. It can determine whether you or your opponent will profit or suffer a disadvantage.


All other weaponry, on the other hand, will be standard. It can grind for resources and pull dupes up to a limit break. It can improve the weapons' stats by upgrading them.


You may have seen some tiny objects hovering about your units' shoulders. They're from Otomo. They'll usually appear once you've completed the main quest's chapters. The otomos are interesting. Each of them will have an element type and a talent. The skills utilized in fights can be influenced by element type.

Grinding the materials can be used to upgrade them. Y The upgrade can improve the skill and otomos stats. When the Otomo is equipped, its stats are added to the unit's stats.


When you've completed the main story's chapters, you'll be able to access this. In the support quests, players can grind for memories. This would be the simplest option among numerous. It will cost Gold to level them up. When it is equipped, it will provide additional stats to the troops. Parts from three sets will be stored in the memory. You can earn additional stats and effects if you supply the entire set. It will be linked to the unit.

Battle team

There are three primary units in each fighting team in the game. The fighting team will consist of one core unit and two subunits. If you're going to fight, you should have the smallest core unit possible. The units listed below can be equipped by any unit.

Up to three weapons can be carried by the unit. The primary weapon will determine the unit's element category. The two sub-weapons will provide extra stats to the unit. The participants have enough room to arm themselves with whichever weapon they like. You can gain extra bonus stats if you choose a weapon with a fluent unit.
  • There is a limit of one Otomo per unit. Any Otomo in the player's inventory can be used.
  • The player can equip the entire set, and the unit can have up to three memories. More extra stats with effects will be granted.
  • You need the best heroes to have the finest game. You can get them using the quickest way you've ever seen.
Battle system

The game's fight system is built on a real-time and turn-based battling system. They are more uniform and on par with others. In auto mode, Otomo's skill will not activate. It must be started manually by the players.



There are two mini-games in Nier Reincarnation. The first game is a shooting game that might help players regain their stamina. Once every nine hours, this can be played.


There is an unusual part in the game Nier Reincarnation. It's because of the buddies. Every day, the players can replenish their stamina via this technique.

Main tips

We've now gone through the game's primary functions. In the game, they all have a certain procedure to follow. Now, let's look at some helpful hints for playing the game successfully. As previously said, the game is more addicting, and as a result, many players have been dissatisfied. They experiment with various strategies without having a clear understanding of the game. Let's look for additional ideas now.

Get an idea about your controls

When players utilize the right combination of controls, they may unlock a lot of doors throughout the game. The controls can be used to increase the volume. You may use the pod to support the jumps if they activate it in mid-air. It has the ability to cover a large region. There are numerous situations where a simple leap would not suffice.

If the player hops, the uppercut strike is another technique that may be used. It will launch a significant strike right away. The combination of these two maneuvers has the potential to make a significant impact in the game. The majority of players become addicted to this simple technique in a short period of time.


We prefer to bargain even in everyday life. Bargaining helps the majority of people. You must follow a few steps in the game Nier Reincarnation. You must visit the resistance camp in order to have access to the Nier Reincarnation's store discount. After that, you must proceed to the space station to begin the side missions. Each player will be assigned a task by 16D. It's known as the 11B's Momentos.

When you complete a mission, you will be given a tiny sword as a reward. It will be placed next to a variety of little objects. The participants must then reform it. You will receive a boost from the sword. It will offer a 25% discount to the protagonist on all products in the store.

Raise the rank using the shooting game


The participants would get access to the shooting time every eight hours. You can fast improve your rating if you take advantage of that opportunity. This is the quickest way to improve your rating. If you are a player who prioritizes, you should not pass up this opportunity. When you're starting out in the game or progressing through it, your rank is quite important.

It would do a recent job to get a good rank. If you are looking for the status and waiting to be a highlighted player in the game, this would be the speediest way.


Nier Reincarnation is a role-playing game set in the Nier universe. You'll come across a girl who is being guided by a ghost-like entity. We've previously established that it's a really addicting game. These fundamental criteria must be followed if you wish to play the game more tactically. Don't take it lightly or treat it as a set of rules while you read it. There are a few aspects that are unique to this game. As a result, thoroughly read and accept these suggestions.