Ultimate Rivals: The Court, to be set out on the Third Quarter of 2021

Ultimate Rivals: The Court is an upcoming arcade basketball game for the Apple Arcade subscription service, developed by Bit Fry Games. Ultimate Rivals: The Court, like its precursor Ultimate Rivals: The Rink, is Bit Fry Games' view of what a retro arcade basketball game would look like in modern times.


Bit Fry Games released an announcement trailer last week, showcasing its outrageous 2D fantasy basketball gameplay. Each player in the trailer has their own special talents and traits to carry to the table, with scores far above those of a typical 3-on-3 pick-up game. The trailer concludes with a familiar voice and a familiar catchphrase, which will come as a surprise to NBA Jam veterans.

Game Features:

Over 60 Superstars (including Legendary Athletes) from Across the Sports World Create Ultimate Rosters
– Team up your favorite athletes from the NHL, NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, and US Women’s National Soccer Team to create powerhouse squads. Choose wisely to combine their playing styles and maximize their impact on the hardwood!

Sports-Themed Ultimate Moves – Trigger “Fury Ball,” “Bat Breaker,” and other devastating moves that provide powerful advantages over your opponent.

AirPlay – Rim-rattling dunks, thunderous alley-oops, and in-your-face blocks keep the game played above the rim!

Fast-Break Buckets – Ankle-breaking cross-overs lead to slick passes that get your team out on the break for easy buckets! Short-session games and intuitive controls make The Court easy to pick up and play but with deep levels of strategy to explore!

All-New “Gauntlet” Arcade Mode – Playthrough bracketed tourneys to quickly unlock more athletes!

Three breathtaking environments to battle in!

Play your Game Center friends or one-versus-one-on-one device with controllers.

Controller support for DualShock 4, Xbox Wireless, and MFi controllers.

The trailer starts with a news story on the "CEO of Ultratech," who sets the stage for Ultimate Rivals by allowing players to choose the A.I. of different players to build the ultimate 3-person squad. An onlooker watching a news story from home is sucked into the television set at the end of the trailer. The onlooker is discovered to be Tim Kitzrow, who discovers that he, too, is now a member of the Ultimate Rivals world, when he hears the legendary "Boomshakalaka" catchphrase. This also serves as an announcement for Kitzrow's role as in-game announcer in Ultimate Rivals: The Court.

Tim Kitzrow is a voice actor who is most known for his work as the announcer for Midway's NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, NHL Hitz, and MLB Slugfest games. He's recently lent his voice to the Mutant Football League and a special DOTA 2 announcer kit dubbed "DOTA Jam." Ultimate Competitors: Several players from numerous sports, including the NBA, WNBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and the USWNT, will have their likenesses and names shown on the court.