Ultimate virtual universe, ROBLOX stocks arise as the lock-down continues

Roblox, a Lego-like virtual universe where kids and teenagers can make their own games, currently has over 50 million monthly gamers through PCs, consoles, and handheld devices. These players come to play games made by other players, who profit from the number of times their games are played. In 2017, two million developers on Roblox created 11 million titles, according to Craig Donato, Roblox's chief business officer, in an interview with GamesBeat. About a year ago, Roblox had a million developers.


The Covid-19 shutdowns, which pulled students out of class and away from their families, have benefited Roblox greatly. With no school and no birthday parties, children turned to Roblox, a virtual environment where they can navigate theme parks, attend concerts, and play action games while keeping in touch via the popular text chat feature.

In 2020, the number of daily active users rose by 85 percent to 32.6 million. The number of hours spent on the app by players has more than doubled to 30.6 billion. Its developer group has faced some challenges as a result of its sudden and unparalleled development. The organization has had to deal with an explosion of spammers and scammers looking to take advantage of the millions of children who are excited to spend their parents' money on Robux.

Users are enticed with the prospect of free Robux if they complete a survey in-game, just to be diverted to other pages with no Robux and much more spam. In certain circumstances, Roblox developers mount a malicious plug-in from the game development studio without realizing it, infecting their own game.

In its prospectus, Roblox said, "We agree that we are an enticing target for these types of attacks because of the success of our website." The organization stated that it is investing to ensure that third parties do not have access to customer data and that phishing, spamming, and ransomware are avoided as far as possible.


Infrastructure, anonymity, and protection are Roblox's second-largest cost after developer fees. Last year, these expenses increased by 69 percent to $264.2 million. Early in the pandemic, when there was a surge of new users, Alexander Hicks, developer of the role-playing game Robloxian High School, found a spike in spam. However, he said that the organization moved immediately to restore order. Hicks has a vested financial interest in Roblox remaining safe and profitable. RedManta, his gaming studio, doubled sales on the site to $2 million in 2020.

Donato said, "Our ambition is to become a next-generation entertainment network." “Audiences are moving away from static environments toward immersive digital ones.” Roblox is currently working on the upcoming Ready Player One film with Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros. Members of Roblox will recreate the film's main quest (as well as Ernest Cline's book) inside the Roblox universe.

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