UNDECEMBER to makes it way through PC and Mobile at the Second Half of 2021

LINE Games Corporation, a Seoul-based game developer and publisher, has released a press release and new trailers for the upcoming hack and slash game UNDECEMBER, which is being developed by Needs Games.


UNDECEMBER, a game powered by Unreal Engine 4, will be released later this year on PC (including Steam) and mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. The brief description and gameplay clips show a strong Diablo influence.

The forthcoming Mobile-PC (FLOOR, Steam) Multiplatform Hack-and-Slash RPG UNDECEMBER will be publicly tested in the second half of 2021, according to LINE Games Corporation.


Unreal Engine 4 was used to create UNDECEMBER, a game that vividly depicts the thrill of exploring dark dungeons and hunting monsters in classic Hack-and-Slash RPGs. To keep players interested, a vast range of PvE and PvP content will be available.

UNDECEMBER, a new multiplatform Hack-and-Slash RPG for both Mobile and PC, was first shown during LINE Games' lineup announcement event ‘LPG 2021' earlier this year, and has piqued the interest of eager players. In the second part of 2021, UNDECEMBER will be serviced.

In the Skill Trailer, various in-game skills of UNDECEMBER have been revealed in 4K quality. Players can check the detailed in-game skill effects of three attack types, melee, ranged, and magic.



Character customisation is the focus of UNDECEMBER, which is built on complex item and skill systems. Each combat will serve as an assessment and a roadmap for developing one's own character, with the player experimenting with intricate combinations of hundreds of skills and equipment.

Players will enjoy the excitement of exploring dark dungeons and diving into the game's vast range of PvE and multiplayer activities, including co-op Party Dungeons, Raids, and competitive PvPs, with their ever-evolving characters.