Uniqlo to release a Pokémon Masters EX t-shirts collaboration design

Video Game industry partnerships are nothing new for Uniqlo. The clothing company has partnered with many video game companies in the past, including Nintendo and Pokémon Co. Now, Uniqlo and Pokémon Co. are working together once more on an exclusive collection of shirts.


The Pokémon Masters EX-themed t-shirts from Uniqlo will be available this time around, and they're scheduled to be on sale in Japan sometime in mid-June 2023. There are five designs for kids and four for adults in the selection. Characters like Red, Pikachu, Eevee, and others are featured in the designs.

Even though the shirts have not yet been made available, we already know their designs and costs. There will be a total of four unique designs for the adult-sized tees and five for the children's. When it comes to the Pokemon Masters EX cooperation, Uniqlo will stick with the standards. Red, Pikachu, and Eevee, the protagonist from the Generation I games, are among the characters that make an appearance.


You can still purchase graphic tees of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Attack on Titan, and Splatoon 3 as of the time of writing. These are in addition to earlier patterns that featured Sanrio or Peanuts. These shirts are available offline and online.


In the mobile game Pokemon Masters EX, you can engage in 3-on-3 combat with partners from the mainline game series. Every Generation's gym leaders, heroes, and winning teams make an appearance along with them. The game is playable on mobile devices and features microtransactions in addition to being free to play.


Starting in mid-June 2023, the Pokemon Master EX shirts will be sold in Uniqlo stores all around the world.