Uniqlo will be releasing a collection of Oshi no Ko T-Shirts

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Uniqlo has announced the new collection of Oshi no Ko t-shirts. There will be nine t-shirts included in the lineup, which consists of five shirts for men and four for kids. The collection is scheduled to be released in Japan in early July.

oshi no ko uniqlo.png

Each t-shirt is priced at 1,500 yen (PHP 555.77). The available sizes for men range from XS to 4XL while the kid’s t-shirts are available in sizes 100 to 160.

oshi no ko uniqlo 1.png

The first for men t-shirt in the collection is a white tee that has a small logo on the chest that reads “Ai Infinite Permanence My Oshi Forever!!!” in Japanese. On the back, it has a signed illustration of Ai Hoshino performing on the stage.

oshi no ko uniqlo 2.png

Additionally, the second t-shirt features Ai Hoshino’s eye cutout with purple accents in a black tee while the third features the members of the B-Komachi group Ruby, Kana, and Memcho.

oshi no ko uniqlo 3.png
oshi no ko uniqlo 4.png

While the fourth has Ruby and Aqua when they were still kids and finally, the last features a performer wearing a bunny costume.

oshi no ko uniqlo 5.png
oshi no ko uniqlo 6.png

For the kid’s t-shirts, it features similar motifs but with slight differences. The first design is in a white t-shirt with the bunny logo on the front and the same signed picture of Ai Hoshino on the back.

oshi no ko uniqlo kids 1.png
oshi no ko uniqlo kids 2.png

The second is the same with the second shirt in the men's collection but is a more colorful version of Ai’s eye cutout.

oshi no ko uniqlo kids 3.png

The third is the same as well but the B-Komachi design is put on a white t-shirt and is more colorful than in the men’s collection.

oshi no ko uniqlo kids 4.png

However, the final shirt is different as the design has featured Ai’s iconic dress in the front with the back featuring two illustrations of the character in the back.

Currently, it has yet to be known if the collection will be available as in Uniqlo’s global stores. For now, stay tuned for more announcements!