Unital Ring Arc Update is Coming Soon To Sword Art Online Mobile Games

In a new trailer posted on YouTube, popular light novel/anime Sword Art Online(SAO) teased the fans that the Unital Ring Arc will be coming to its mobile game.


The three mobile games of Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel, Integral Factor, and Memory Defrag may have their own unique gameplay, features, characters and mechanics, the publisher Bandai Namco, revealed that all three will have an updated story event that will take players to the Unital Ring Arc. Keep in mind that the three games are all different mobile games but they will all receive their own version of content that is centered in the Unital Ring. Here is the trailer:

Unital Ring Arc is the 5th arc of the series. The series has interesting narratives that could catch up with the games' current storyline.


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