Unprecedented RPG Sins Raid Is Launching In Asia and Oceania


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Jun 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020 - All9Fun is pleased to announce the release of its unprecedented and highly innovative 3D RPG mobile game Sins Raid in Asia and Oceania today.

The most innovative game, Sins Raid offers a whole new real-time combat experience. With diverse character attributes and a comprehensive combat system, users can engage in team play with up to 10 other users to prepare for 360-degree combat with different raid bosses. With several different game modes to choose from, what are you waiting for? Keep calm and raid on!

Sins Raid has been featured as a new and updated game for Google Play's North American and European regions twice since January of this year and has received glowing reviews from fans around the world.

This summer, we are introducing brand new content to bring the best gaming experience to players across our Asia servers.

Become The Heroes of Light and Vanquish All Evil
The story begins with a group of young adventurers who are pursuing knighthood. Empowered with Carlos the Defender's breastplate, the young squad is reminded of their duty to defend the weak and do what is right. Unflinching in the presence of evil, the adventurers uphold the power of Light and forge through their adversities.

Diverse Battle Modes
In our special 360-degree combat mode, each stage has different arenas and traps. Players are required to devise strategies that make the most effective use of the terrain in order to win the battle. For example, players need to keep an eye on the Boss's attacks, sequences, and actions such as dodging attacks while avoiding battlefield hazards or accidentally falling off the cliff.

Sins Raid will soon open the Asia servers and give away valuable rewards for pre-registered players. Don't miss out on the special offer!!!

Stay tuned for pre-registration prizes! Follow our Facebook page now for the latest news on Sins Raid!

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