Unreconciled Stars: Meteorite Strike Zone Tips for Latecomers PC PlayStation iOS Android 

I know some people have been busy with their lives recently. Namely, in terms of work, school or anything else that you might think of, it is completely understandable to miss some days of gaming because you have a responsibility to do. However, for those who wish to catch up in Genshin Impact's First Major Event. We got you covered here. Now let's talk about the Tips and Tricks on how to own the second part of the event.



The second part of the event needs you to locate different meteorite strike zones that have fallen over Mondstadt and Liyue. You will need to make sure to finish the first part of the event and made contact with Mona in the story. From there on out, you need to go to Mona in the teleporter near Thousand Winds Temple and you will talk to her so you can find the meteorites that are scattered across the map.

Team Compositions

Now let us talk about Team Compositions. It is important to be mindful of how to set up your teams in the game. Presumably, you'll plan to do this alone since you are rushing and most of your peers have finished that part already. Then, strap up and gear up with your best team possible.

First, the setup would be a balanced team with a DPS, Assist, Support, and a Healer. This team will be well-rounded and perfect to deal with any job that it can take.


The second setup would be a death squad with 2 DPS, 1 Assist, and a Support. While you will need a lot of food with this team, you are guaranteed to have a lot of damage which will benefit you further down the road.


The third is a 2 DPS, 1 Assist, and a Healer while this setup relies on brute force to get the job done. There's nothing more exciting than bringing the pain on the enemy with those massive damages and one by one fights.


While these setups have different approaches, find the one that fits you and jump into the mayhem.

Anemo Powah

Anemo Characters have the power to use the "Swirl" reaction which usually pulls together the enemies and clumps them for an easy wave clear. Characters like Venti, Sucrose, Jean, and heck, even the Anemo Traveler can bring great potential to your team as you use them to your advantage.


Avoid going out

Like the pandemic, the same applies when you go to the Meteorite Strike Zones. When you start the challenge, there will be a barrier that can be penetrated however, once you gain points and you went outside the barrier, you'll lose them faster than you have gained them, so make sure to stay inside the range of the barrier and avoid getting knocked out by enemies.



Once you have gathered the enemies, it is best to bring your strongest character to deal damage to all the enemies that are inside the circle. For this example, I'll be showcasing my Tartaglia dealing ridiculous amounts of damage since I first gathered the enemies with Venti's Elemental Burst then switched to Tartaglia to use his melee stance and rush them with the effect of the Viridescent Hunt, clumping them again.


Be Mindful of the Element

Being aware of the Meteorite's element is key to bringing the fight to a close quickly. It is best to bring characters with the elements that can bring massive amounts of damage quickly to the battlefield or those units which can impede an enemy's movement. For someone who has Hydro, bringing it in a Cryo Meteorite can be blessed with infinite freezes against the enemies, and being electro has a lot of benefits since Electro is one of the most synergistic elements in the game. Master this and the grind becomes easier.



Catching up should not be a chore but should be enjoyed by the players, getting a lot of rewards in the game is very worth it and I highly suggest you get as much as you can EXP cards and Mora to level your characters even more. That being said, hope this event has brought more vibrance in the game, and for more Genshin Impact tips, stay tuned and join the Genshin Impact discussion now!