Upcoming 2.14 Kritika Update

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    Patch 2.14 launched soon! Below are the biggest features we plan to ship with our next update.

    1. New Feature! World Boss!


    Take the challenge to the next level!
    Defeat 5 World Bosses and protect the world from the forces of evil!

    Each boss has unique attributes/stats.

    2. Higher Gem Levels!!
    Now you can enhance your Gems up to +10!!
    A new material “Lapiz” is required to enhance your Gems to +10!
    Stay tuned to this forum to find out how to acquire Lapiz!

    3. New Daily Missions/Rewards!
    Looking for new daily mission rewards?
    We now have new World Boss daily mission rewards with a variety of useful items!

    4. New Season Class!
    Which class will be selected this time? Stay tuned!

    5. New Avatars / Wing Avatar Optimization / Quality Improvement
    (What’s that Cat Acrobat holding? *Gasp*)
    Check out new Avatars for the update! There are many more!
    Wing Avatars have been optimized and improved for best performance!

    6. Older quests have been optimized! Now you can breeze through earlier stages!

    7. We’ve shortened load times!
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    lol at kritika if you notice the loading picture, thats Raiden ofThe Metal Gear

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