Upcoming Champions of League of Legends: Wild Rift this April and in May

In their recent Dev Diary video, Riot Games revealed that there are 5 upcoming champions of League of Legends: Wild Rift this April and May.


The upcoming champions are part of the latest patch update 2.2. The patch update 2.2 is the biggest update as of date of League of Legends: Wild Rift. A bunch of new items, in-game improvements, events and more were brought by this update.

The champions that will be coming were mentioned in the livestream. These are Galio, Rammus, Kha'Zix, Rengar, and Renekton. One of the champions was already in the game last April 1 and it was Galio. Below are the release dates of the other champions mentioned.

To be released this April and in May, these champions are arriving in the game through various champion-themed events.


Galio (Mid Lane Tank) April 1, 2021
A tank or mage. He is exceptionally good at initiating team fights and serves as a team tank while dealing a ton of AoE damage.


Rammus (Jungle Lane Tank) April 22, 2021
A tank champion that also suits well in Baron Lane that has very unique mechanics. In addition to his incredible mobility, Rammus can reflect any damage back to his enemies. In a team fight, this creates many instances where champions can be killed by their own skills and basic attacks.


Kha'Zix (Jungle Lane Assassin) May 6, 2021
A champion who gains strength through evolution. As he progresses, he gains unique abilities that allow him to be even more lethal on the battlefield. He can also become invisible at will, which makes him very good at ganking lanes.


Rengar (Jungle Lane Assassin) May 6, 2021
An assassin who suits well in the Jungle Lane. He is a hunter who collects the trophies of his prey, which allows him to acquire additional abilities. He can also pounce on enemies whenever he’s inside bushes or invisible, allowing him to catch enemies off guard. If Rengar is on the enemy team, it is best to place as many beacons as possible in the bushes.


Renekton (Baron Lane Fighter) May 12, 2021
A champion fighter that is well-matched in Baron Lane. Renekton gains fury with each attack he makes however, as it keeps on increasing, his health drops. Although, if he gains enough Fury, it strengthens his abilities and makes him even more deadly. He also has the ability to shred enemy armor causing them to take even more damage.

Note that these release dates may still change depending on the developer with the exception of Galio. But we can still expect them to be released this April and May.