Upcoming Chinese Alpha Test For League Of Legends: Wild Rift Leaks New Champions, Skins

The launch of Wild Rift's alpha test in China is coming. Along with this, leaks about several upcoming contents for League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 2.3 update were revealed, including new champions, and skin additions as well.


Riot Games announced earlier this week that the Wild Rift China Server would be launched with new content developed specifically for Chinese gamers. Following the announcement, data miners leaked information about upcoming champions and potential skins for the Wild Rift China Alpha. According to a recent data leak from YikeZ, four new Wild Rift champions are set to be introduced to the game when Wild Rift China's Alpha Tests go online which will include Riven, Irelia, Lucian and Senna. A few new skins for certain champions have also been revealed.

It has been confirmed that these new champions will be released in Wild Rift China. However, it still remains to be seen if they will be slated for a global release. The development team have also recently announced the availability of Irelia for the forthcoming patch 2.3. The other three champions, on the other hand, have yet to be announced for a worldwide release. Let's take a closer look at these upcoming champions.

New Champions​

Riven, the Exile


Riven is a fighter champion with a lot of play ability and a lot of versatility. Her abilities "Broken Wings" and "Valor" enable her to reposition herself between battles, while "Ki Burst" temporarily stuns enemies.

Irelia, the Blade Dancer


Irelia is one of the champions in the game with the best versatility and 1v5 potential. Her powers allow her to zone out opponents, making it just about difficult for them to flee. Her mechanics are complex, so it'll be fascinating to see how the developers make her interesting to play in Wild Rift.

Lucian, the Purifier


Lucian is a marksman with dash attacks and endless chase skill. Through his abilities, he can mark enemies and earn bonus movement speed if he strikes them.

Senna, the Redeemer


Senna is the only one of the four champions on the list that is truly original. She is a support marksman who heals allies while attacking opponents. Instead of last-hitting creeps for cash, she will actually gather souls that drop automatically as someone dies, gaining gold and extra range based on how many souls she collects.

Data miner Big Bad Bear stated that Lucian and Senna will soon be arriving to Wild Rift, probably during the Shadow Isle event which was announced during the 2021 Opening Livestream. Riven and Irelia will also be included as part of the patch upgrade, as well as additional skin lines such as pool party and arcade skins. Big Bad Bear also leaked a list of new skins that may arrive in the upcoming patch update.

New Skins​

Take note that the following leaks are still unofficial. Riot Games is still currently planning for the release of the Wild Rift Patch 2.3 update, which is scheduled for the end of May 2021. As such, players might have to wait for the official dev diary from Riot Games for more credible information regarding the upcoming content for patch 2.3.

The final release date for Wild Rift China is yet to be announced by the developers. However, given that the Chinese servers for Wild Rift have been in the works for quite some time, it's most likely just around the corner.
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