Upcoming Genshin Impact's Version 1.4 Update and Developers Insight

As the 1.4 update of Genshin Impact is nearing, let's hear the insights of the developers.


On March 2nd, a Developers' Discussion for the Version 1.4 update happened and these are the notes from there.
  • The maximum amount of Condensed Resin that you can have at once will increase.
  • Resin notifications have been improved that when you're entering a domain, you will no longer receive a notification about having insufficient Resin.
  • The maximum Adventure Rank is 60 in the Version 1.3, however, for Version 1.4 all the excess Adventure EXP that you gained after hitting Adventure Rank 60 will be converted into Mora.
  • For players that are regretting for increasing their World Level, a solution has been made.
  • The weapon upgrade system is optimized for a convenient gaming experience for players and they'll continue to update it in future versions such as increasing the number of weapon slots for weapon upgrade.
  • The Crafting Bench's features are continuously tweaked and optimized by the developers so that players could use the Crafting Bench while still playing with friends and will be much more convenient.
  • Currently, a mail favorites system is in the works so that you could save mails that you like.
  • The ability to quickly locate your teammates is already in the to-do list of the developers. Continuous improvement is being done for the Travelers' Co-op Mode experience.
  • When Xiao activates "Bane of All Evil," using "Lemniscatic Wind Cycling" on enemies, it will not generate Elemental Particles so long as he dons his yaksha mask. It should generate Elemental Particles under any other circumstances.
  • One of the Mondstadt Festival, "Windblume Festival," is announced to be released in-game and is expected to be released during the update.
  • The Spiral Abyss will receive changes.
  • Ningguang bug is scheduled to be fixed in Version 1.4. It will be Charge Attack Lag and "Starshatter" not taking an effect.
  • Rumor has it that a new 5-star Bow will be released in Version 1.4.
The Version 1.4 update is expected to be released mid-March to April. This is based on the previous updates and promise of miHoYo to update every 6 weeks.

Additional information will be given in the Version 1.4 Sneak Peek Livestream on March 6, 8pm. So check that out and have your questions answered.