Upcoming Mobile Game One Punch Man World Announced

Guild of Guardians
A new mobile game that is based off from a webcomic turned anime is on the works. Perfect World Strategy showed its first look at the press conference three days ago.


Other than announcing the title of the game, they also showed a trailer for this upcoming game based on One Punch Man. The game's title is One Punch Man World. The trailer shows that the game seems it would be more focused on one-on-one combat. One Punch Man's protagonist Saitama and his apprentice, Genos, are shown doing combos to enemies.

As One Punch Man got popular, other than the anime that was made out of it, a console fighting game titled One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows was also developed and released wherein Saitama was a playable character players use to steal victory thanks to his one punch. Also, other than the mobile game mentioned above that is currently being worked on, the series already got its first mobile game titled as One Punch Man: The Strongest, which in here, it is more like a hero collector for the series.

More updates will be released so stay tuned and see y'all on the next One Punch Man World update.