Upcoming Mobile JRPG, Honkai Star Rail Has Been Officially Announced By Developer miHoYo

Rumors from last week have been finally shut down as miHoYo officially announces its latest title, Honkai Star Rail, an upcoming mobile Japanese role-playing game. Additionally, the developers have also uploaded a full teaser video.


After being accidentally made available to the public for a short period of time, several contents of Honkai Star Rail has been leaked to the community. It was taken down immediately, but a lot of rumors has gone around already. However, all of these speculations are put to an end as miHoYo officially announced the game at the Starfire Sonorant concert during the Honkai Impact 3rd anniversary celebration.

Alongside the announcement, the developers have also revealed a new teaser image while dedicated social media channels for the game went live. miHoyo also announced that pre-registrations for an upcoming beta test will be available soon.


According to the previous leaks datamined by some players, Honkai Star Rail will be a turn-based RPG set in an open world environment. Similar to Honkai Impact, players will form a team of three and take on enemies that are marked with element symbols above their heads, indicating that the game my have an elemental combat system which will be focusing on countering different types. You could check out our previous article for screenshots of the game's leaks.

The game's developer, miHoYo, has also announced that the game will host its first closed beta sign-up event. The game's English Facebook page stated that Honkai Star Rail would begin accepting Beta applicants today, October 8th, but no specific date has been announced for when the beta will take place. Assuming that miHoYo follows the same pattern as they did with the pre-release beta test for Genshin Impact, the beta for Honkai Star Rail should be released soon, and the players should not be subjected to an NDA, which means that we can expect to see a lot of in-game screenshots and gameplay videos floating around the internet.

A teaser video was also uploaded by the developers. While the teaser introduces a number of new characters, we still know very little about the game's actual setting and lore from the trailer. MiHoYo hasn't revealed the identities of the three characters featured in the teaser, nor has the company confirmed whether or not they'll be playable.

Following the filing of two trademark applications by miHoYo, fans have been speculating about the existence of Honkai Star Rail for several months. A trademark application for Honkai 4 was also filed, but at this time there is no information available about the game's release. To stay up to date with news and information about Honkai Star Rail, you can follow their official Twitter account and Facebook page.