Upcoming Mobile RPG Project M is set to be release in 2022 worldwide

Project M seems to be gearing for a global release.

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Publisher Joycity has recently announced that they have signed a deal with Bilibili, China’s biggest anime platform, to launch Project M worldwide. Project M was developed by Korean studio Mojito Games who are also the creators behind Game of Dice and Hero Ball Z.

First announced back in 2020, Project M is a mobile RPG in which players will nurture female characters to go on an adventure in a dystopian future. Customization will also be available. The main feature of the game is its combat system that has various different strategies that can be used depending on character combinations.

According to the press release of Joycity and Bilibili, both companies will collaborate to introduce Project M in the global markets including US, Korea, and Japan. Project M was originally scheduled for a 2021 release, however, it seems that 2022 is likely to be its release.



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