Upcoming Multiplatform MMORPG "RISE" has been revealed by NXN PC 

Here's an upcoming MMORPG that may tick your interest because it has a story leading to its development and a premise that is very interesting. This takes back from a previous game of a certain company which shut down but someone aspired to better himself and create their own game, now it's coming soon, so let's check it out!


The game we are talking about is RISE, the MMORPG that is being developed by NXN(which means Neo developer eXperience Neo user emotion), a company the spurred by a previous Netmarble staff. See, this staff member was involved in another MMORPG in the past which is Raven and while Raven is still up in the Korean servers, sadly the global version has been shut down already. Which made Yoo-Seok-Ho, the staff member involved in Raven to create a game studio in 2015. Now, they are unveiling RISE, which has an interesting setup.

While the trailer does not show any gameplay, if we're talking about graphics, it looks promising. The story has not yet been unveiled and no signs of it in the trailer but for the gameplay, it was told that players were to form a party of 5 with RTS elements on the mix. Now, when we say RTS, there has been a lot of things that are associated with RTS, whether it be Clash of Clans style or a Command and Conquer style but this ought to be interesting since the developers are also seeing an esports scene in the game. This is something we definitely need to look out for.

RISE b.jpg

It's no surprise that the game is run by Unreal Engine due to its graphics that is simply amazing to look at, there's also word that RISE will be a multiplatform game but there's no news if crossplay would be implemented, we'd have to wait until they have further announcements to make. Overall, this looks like an exciting addition to those interested in a fresh new MMORPG that might have a unique system along the way. Only time will tell if this will be a great one or just another generic addition.

Don't mock a game just because of its title, RISE may be a cliche one but with an interesting story and an amazing gameplay it can stand out against the rest. But what do you think of RISE? Tell us in the comments below!