Upcoming Revamped Emblem Setup and more was announced at Mobile Legends Developer Discussion

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Developer of Mobile Legends, Arnold, has turned to the game's official social media to address players' top queries about the impending Revamped Emblem Setup, which is slated for release on June 27, 2023. The limitations between emblems and hero attributes are making it difficult to create a setup that is appropriate for any of the over 120 heroes on the General server. The creators tried modifying the Emblem system to address this constraining aspect. But because it didn't work out, the prior design was abandoned because it was thought to be too immature in terms of adaptability and learning curve.


However, after gathering more information, ideas, and counsel from players, the developers have developed a much better method that can address both issues with the old emblem setup. The New Revamped Emblem System 2023 provides a remedy for them. Dev Arnold has taken it upon himself to respond to the Top queries posed to the Devs by Inquisitive Players in light of the increasing number of questions and enquiries regarding this approaching New Revamped Emblem Setup that have been made by Players over the previous few weeks.

Mobile Legends Revamped Emblem Setup​

Players may need more time to comprehend the new revamped emblem system given that the game has just seen the release of multiple heroes with various forms of damage output. Right now, it appears that the Hero's gameplay, particularly in terms of their damage output, has put too much strain on the existing system. It might not be possible to maximize the effectiveness of some heroes under the old system because there are only two types of damage output, Physical and Magic, that are addressed by Talents.


For instance, Natan is a Marksman, however the old Emblem System Talents for Marksman only supported Marksmans' ability to deal Physical damage. Natan's potential is thus limited because he depends on attack speed while simultaneously dealing Magic damage. Meanwhile, Granger is a marksman whose primary method of dealing damage is through the use of bursts of physical damage from his skills. Granger's damage output is primarily depending on his talents, unlike some Marksmen. The Talents for Marksman heroes with burst physical damage output are not available under the Old Marksman emblem scheme, though.

According to the outdated emblem system, Natan would technically have the best emblem under the Mage system. To buy equipment for a lower cost, players can only select Bargain Hunter, which was unlocked with the mage emblem. Other than that, Marksman heroes don't respond well to Magic Worship and Impure Rage. On the other hand, given that Granger has a strong burst Physical Damage Output, he can eliminate his opponents. The Assassin Emblem is typically the one that players recommend and prioritize the most. The choice between the Assassin Emblem and the Jungle Emblem may arise for players that want to use Granger in the jungle, as most Marksman jungling abilities have been significantly diminished.

The Devs have, however, removed the link between Talents and Damage Attributes (Physical/Magic) in the recently revised emblem system. The Devs anticipate more unusual combinations of Emblems and Talents as a result, which will make it easier for everyone to identify the ideal setups for various Heroes. As a result, Marksman Players can set Natan's Emblem Setup to the following configuration.


The Marksman Emblem now enhances both physical and magical damage. With relief, Natan can choose the Marksman Emblem to increase his attack speed. Players can select skills to increase their power and damage potential. These talents can be unlocked using other Emblems. Similarly, players can configure Granger's Emblem Setup to the following configuration.


Due to the removal of the restrictions relating to emblems and talents, Granger players are now able to equip Granger with the Assassin Emblem to increase penetration. Additionally, they have access to talents like Seasoned Hunter, which boosts Jungling Speed, and Lethal Ignition, which boosts Burst Damage.

Players should be aware that assassins who tend to deal bursts of Physical Damage, like Saber, can now choose Lethal Ignition to strengthen their tendency toward Burst Damage because the limits between Emblems and Talents have been removed. Dealing heavy damage repeatedly in a short amount of time will scorch the targets for additional adaptive damage, as stated by Lethal Ignition Talent. Therefore, Heroes of the Assassin type can select a Mage Emblem Talent.


Recommended Pro Emblem Setups will help you understand the new system​

Arnold added that the designers are aware of any difficulties encountered in learning some of the aspects of this new emblem system. Players who play as Freya might, for instance, encounter scenarios where they are more likely to choose the Marksman Emblem since it grants them additional attack speed, even though she hardly ever needs attack speed.

The Devs want to remind us that this Newly Revamped Emblem System is more adaptable in certain situations, allowing players to modify the Talents to better fit the heroes. Additionally, players could just use the Pro Setups for the forthcoming battles if they weren't interested in the Emblem Set-up.


Refund resources spent in leveling Talents​

The developers have promised players a full return of their resources for the removed two emblems system, plus additional compensation. There would also be additional, unique events to help players get acquainted with the new Emblem Systems in the interim.


Also, the developers always take into account the game's performance on various devices, whether they are low-end or high-end, just like with every other Big System Update. Players with less powerful devices can therefore be sure to have even smoother game performance.


Recommended Standard Emblems​


Players looking for additional plausible illustrations of specific heroes and the recommended setups for their related emblems. The aforementioned pictures showcase a few of Dev Arnold's numerous suggested New Mobile Legends Revamped Emblem Setups.