Upcoming RPG Goddess Order Poster Image Teased, Set To Be Out This Year

Goddess Order, an upcoming RPG for the Android and iOS platforms, has been teased by South Korean publisher Kakao Games, which has released an image of the game. While no specific launch date has been announced, it is expected to debut in South Korea towards the end of 2021 before expanding to the rest of the world.


After being announced back in February 2021, there has been no further word on the Goddess Order until now. It was originally scheduled to be released earlier this year, but it became clear that they would barely make it, forcing the global release to be delayed until at least 2022.

Goddess Order is a mobile side-scrolling action role-playing game being developed by Korean studio LoadComplete, the same team behind Crusader Quest, which has received over 25 million downloads worldwide to date. On the other hand, it will be published by Kakao Games, which is a subsidiary of the South Korean company Kakao. The company has collaborated with a large number of gaming companies and has achieved considerable success. Goddess Order, which is set in a fantasy medieval world, will feature a variety of combat systems, such as guard and brakes, to add an element of strategic action gameplay to the mix.

The following image is the most recent image to be revealed, and it has also been dubbed as a key visual for the game as well.


It is intended to be an adventurous strategic game in which you will interact with a 2D dot matrix-style character, similar to those found in older games, but in a more modern setting and environment. It will also include a variety of elements as well as its own distinct combat gameplay. Goddess Order will take place in a fantasy medieval world, with a female protagonist. It will tell the story of knights, both in the past and in the future.

Goddess Order is set to be released by the end of the calendar year. It is expected to be vastly different from the developers' previous games, such as Crusader Quest, in terms of gameplay. For more information, you can also visit the official website of its developer, LoadComplete.