Upcomming Hero of 2020 Mobile Legends

Jae Dy

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Jul 4, 2020
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4 new upcoming heroes (mobile legends new hero) that will be released in Mobile Legends Bang Bang soon in 2020.

New hero mobile legend: Barts Dino Rider, Protti Darknight Loner, Benedetta Shadow Ranger, Khaleed Desert Scimitar New heroes featured in this video (new hero mobile legend 2020):
  1. Barts Dinozard Rider (Fighter/Tank) Dino Rider
  2. Protti Darknight Loner (Possible Fighter/Assassin)
  3. Benedetta Shadow Range (Assassin) - Possible Released Date: August 2020
  4. Khaleed Desert Scimitar (Fighter) - Possible Released Date: July 25 or 31, 2020
Video credits to Mr.Kisses