Update Patch 2.2 For MU Origin 2 Unleashes Abyss Season 8 and Other Surprises

Tons of new features have been added to the latest patch of MU Origin 2 which recently launched last February 27, 2020. It’s main highlights included the much awaited Abyss Season 8 that introduce Abyss War and Abyss Tower of Allegiance.

Abyss War is new event for guild members in Abyss World wherein they will engage in a capture the flag battle and try to dominate three territories namely Grade A, B and C territory. Each guild must climb from Grade C before they can manage to occupy the remaining two higher Grade territories to get the much coveted Honor Titles with an additional Mount that awaits for the winning Guild Master. Abyss War is open only on Monday and Friday, 21:30 to 22:00.

The Abyss Tower of Allegiance is another exciting guild-based event open for guilds whose level is 8 and above. Guild members must cooperate efficiently in order for them to clear each Tower floors that continue to increase its challenges the more they get higher. Tower of Allegiance opens only on Tuesday and Friday from 21:40 to 22:00. Guilds are given a time period from 21:30 to 21:40 to prepare before they enter the tower.

Other exciting features added in patch 2.2 includes Multiple Title Activation where players can activate up to 10 titles all at once on their character.Maximum level cap has also increased with the inclusion of new map called Naars, achievement and quest available from Master Level V. Infinite Tower has also increases its floors up to 150 floors while players can now create Legendary Seal by combining 3 Epic Seals of the same type. Storage expansion can now be upgraded via diamond and new Guardian Pet Aura, Goldceros and Mermaid Princess will also join the roster of pets and mounts that you can enjoy in the game.

More features from VIP Altar, Costume Enhance and introduction of new items, quest and monsters are now available for players to keep their fingers busy in exploring and battling inside dark but exciting continent of MU.