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Jul 4, 2021
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christian V. dolom
For the latest updates CrossFire Philippines released two new VIPs. The 9A-91 Wild Eagle and the Heirs VIP Character. The 9A-91 Wild Eagle costs 1440 Ecoins and the Heirs VIP Character costs 780 Ecoins.

I am very excited to buy and show these new VIPs on my video today. Rest assure that I will buy these 2 new VIPs on my other videos. CFPH also released 2 new packages, the Wild Eagle & Heirs Package which costs 1850 Ecoins that contains the new VIPs and I suggest to buy this package instead if you are planning on buying these 2 new VIPs. Another package that was released is the Wild Eagle Mode Package which costs 241 Ecoins. It contains a 10 spin of the new 9A-91 Wild Eagle VIP and 7 free lotto tickets. Not a bad deal if you are out of budget and want the new VIP.

CFPH also includes the Compensation Event in today's updates. We received the VIP Lucky Lotto A, B , C and E as they promised and many players are now winning the free VIP Lotto. I hope that I can win also in this compensation event. Lastly the prize for the Mission Possible Event was inserted on the players account which had completed the 7 Day Mission.

For the full details just watch the whole video and comment down below. That's it for this video and I do hope you like my video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more CFPH Updates and Uploads. Thank you and Stay Safe at Home. Stay tune for more uploads and updates next time.

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