Uranus In-Depth Guide


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Apr 22, 2019
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So guys im having fun playing rank not only playing Chou but when chou is banned, Uranus is the chance, now frankly Uranus is kinda out of META but he is so much fun to play and thats what i want you to feel when playing Uranus(thats a uranus joke right there and expect more)


>Uranus is maybe one of the most annoying tank to fight, he has insane hp regen, a long shield, and at the same time deals a lot of damage, and once that he's almost dead and you're almost dead too, just a simple shield and 1st skill can wreck your life

==Pros And Cons==

•Very High Sustain
•Deals a lot of damage
•Can last in teamfights

•No valuable CC
•No future in ganking


When an enemy,minion or jungle monster attacks Uranus,Uranus gains a stack for each attack that hit Uranus, Uranus heals for 2-10 hp per second per stack, max stack is 20

Uranus casts lightwheels orbiting around him dealing damage to enemies and gives them a stack, the damage will increase depending on how many stacks the enemies have

Uranus leaps and slams to a location dealing damage on landing and at the same time he gains a shield, his shield will explode when it is destroyed or after 4 seconds dealing damage around him

Uranus gives himself 8 stacks of his passive and increase his movement speed and the regen of his passive,he is also immune to any movement speed debuff while this skill is in effect


>I mostly use Tank Emblem
~Max on Armor
~Max on Magic Resistance
~And Tenacity

>Or you can play Support with the use of Pull Yourself Together

>The spell i use for Uranus is Flicker or you can try Healing Spell or Aegis if you're using Support Emblem


I call this the "Immortal but im still helping build"

~Demon Shoes- Early to late he consumes alot of mana

~Oracle-To increase his hp regen and shield absorption

~Concentrated Energy-For sustain and additional magic power

~Dominance Ice-So that you can still help your teammates by slowing the enemies attack speed

Situational Items
~Athena's Shield
~Antique Cuirass
~Blade Armor
~Sky Guardian Helmet


>At early game,I play Uranus as poke since he can sustain himself with his passive and shield,go midlane and help your damage dealer to clear lanes and be safe of the enemies,also help him/her get the buff and jungle monsters since you can sustain yourself anyways and once your level 4 help the lane that is mostly in trouble ,stay there until midgame

>Midgame,always start the teamfight if your damage dealers are there,dive in with your 2nd skill and use your other skills,make sure that you damage the damage dealers since you deal hefty damage when enemy is now on full stack of your 1st skill

>Late Game,Uranus is almost immortal at this stage but not capable to deal damage just do the ordinary thing that you do in midgame and when 3 enemies are dead remember to kill the lord w/ your teammates

==Tips And Tricks==

Remember to stack your passive before you start a teamfight that way you get max sustain

No need to go to base if you have sky guardian helmet,or if you dont have sky guardian helmet let minions or jungle monsters hit you to regen your health

Use 2nd skill as an escape skill when needed

Thats it for the Uranus In-Depth Guide,thank you so much if you've made it this far and again i hope your nose didnt bleed