V Rising’s Gameplay Trailer Now Released

Publisher Stunlock Studios has released the first gameplay trailer for their open-world vampire survival game, V Rising.

v rising.png

Players will first awaken from a century-long slumber. With a weakened state and hunger, there are nearby villages that post as a perfect blood bank. From there, there will be other villages, bandit camps and settlements that have humans that players need to defeat. Take note of the time because the sun is also an enemy.

There will also be monsters that you’ll have to defeat. To defeat them, a combination of spells and weapons that players can customize to go with their vampire’s fighting style is the best option. Horses are also available as mounts that offer an additional method for defeating powerful enemies. World bosses can be found in isolated and wild areas, they appear to be massive creatures that have special attacks of their own.

Players will also have to build their own castle little by little to start the rising of the vampires. After that, players can invite other vampires to work with them in looting villages, raiding bandits or bandit camps and defeating the world bosses. There are two modes available, co-op and PvP.

Key Features
  • A Gothic Open-World - Explore a vast world teeming with life… and danger. Travel through lush forests, vast countryside, and dark dungeons to discover resources, meeting new friends and foe alike. Invite your friends over to explore an open-world – pillaging, raiding, and entering the territory of supernatural beasts.
  • Fear the Light – Rule the Night: Avoid the wrath of the scorching sun. Stick to the shadows, or risk turning into ash. Roam the night and prey on your victims from the shadows.
  • Raise Your Castle - Gather resources and discover lost techniques to gain dark powers. Store your loot and grow your army of darkness within the stone walls of your castle. Customize it to suit your style. Strengthen it from the ever growing threats from other players.
  • Compete or Cooperate - Play solo or explore with friends. Fighting side by side will give you the advantage against the strongest of creatures and powerful humans. Players can attack other players’ castles, or they can decide to play the role of diplomat in a deadly game of blood, power, and betrayal – the choice is yours.
  • Master Your Vampire - Learn and master an arsenal of deadly weapons and unholy abilities. Customize your play-style by combining melee and ranged combat with a variety of powerful spells. Master your skills and unleash your wicked powers. Take part in vampiric real-time PvE and PvP combat. Fight your way to the top of the food chain and claim your place as the apex predator of all vampire kinds.
V Rising will be available on Steam. Applications for its beta testing that is scheduled later this year is now open. V Rising’s launch date is also yet to be announced.