V33Wise recently made an appearance during the League of Legends' Rambulan Rito Show Match

Blacklist International’s dynamic duo, V33Wise, recently made a buzz within the Mobile Legends community after making a surprise appearance once again in the show match stage after skipping Season 12 of MPL PH.


Popularly known as the Royal Duo, Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna and Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario recently participated in a League of Legends show match “Rambulan Rito”, alongside other veterans League of Legends players and content creators.

They joined the competing squad called Team OG, which consisted of BBKim, Gloco Gaming Conception, Suzzysaur, and Rebengga. Their squad battled against the opposing side, Team New Breeds, which comprises content creators Sadparu, Chichi, Kapitan Pugo, Superman, Jillipuff, and Yvenne.


The duo showcased their mastery of champions, with V33nus picking the support champions, including Miss Fortune in game one, Zyra in game two, and Vel’Koz in game three. On the other hand, Wise laned with V33nus at bot, picking Kai’Sa, Caitlyn, and Ezrael in the decider.

The show match was forced to game three after scoring 1-1 as the game was a best-of-three series. Unfortunately for the popular tandem and their team, they fell short of securing the victory, and Team New Breeds won by a highly contested score of 2-1.

Nevertheless, V33Wise surely showcased their mastery of the game, particularly during game 2, as V33 scored 6/5/11 with Zyra, contributing to the 40-14 score that forced the show match to game three.

It is important to know that both OhMyV33nus and Wise used to play League of Legends before deciding to shift to the popular MOBA, Mobile Legends, and established their names as one of notable figures in the scene.