V4 Mobile MMORPG - First Impression

It's becoming obvious nowadays that mobile game developers are giving too many efforts in making games nearly console-like in terms of graphics. This is particularly true in MMORPG wherein everyone is vying to build the most visually appealing game because good graphics makes it also good isn't it?


But that's entirely wrong for aesthetic doesn't always equate substantial gameplay and replayability. And yet somehow, this is still overlooked by many.

Nexon's new flagship MMORPG, V4, was recently launched yesterday and as expected, gamers swarm like moths into this new flame that really oozes with the same vibes of Black Desert Mobile. And hands-down (and perhaps thanks to Unreal Engine), V4's graphics can really make you realize how far mobile games has already improved in terms of visuals and animation. You might as well play this game in your PC to enjoy further its open-world scenery on a larger screen. It is definitely on par with console graphics.

The animation is also so fluid and sick that you can forever watch the action with all those hack and slash and spellcasting that are nearly on the top-tier animation level. Adding a camera mode to focus on the action is totally dope even. Whenever the camera zoom in, take a good angel of the fight, or become shaky once you dish out some damage, its perfection in my opinion.

V4 b.png

But then again, here comes the disclaimer though: the gameplay is loaded with mediocrity. The auto-quest and auto-combat is again another double-edge blade here that starting to make MMORPG today too tiresome or too convenient that you can get the feeling of intense level grinding since you can watch your character do its thing without your thumbs on the screen. Still, its a very practical feature to make the games a bit more casual but it is a major turn-off to those who enjoy early online RPG that gives no other choice but to keep their eyes and hands-on how their character will grow.

There is the usually upgrade system, enhancement, mounts, pets, and boss raid which are all too familiar but hopefully can have a more unique twist and not just another copy-paste element from other RPGs. Still, I like how they incorporate different combat mechanisms to each class such as the chain combos and stamina for Slayers which is essential for players to make things diverse.

The grinding seems to be a bit easy in V4 with a lot of means to gain XP like pet buffs, potion blessings, and tons of quest and mission aside from following the main storyline. Another unique factor in V4 is the companion system similar to Aura Kingdom 2 minus the gacha system. Here you can gain an AI-controlled party to help you in combat as well as to capitalize on the Dispatch system where you can run errands to them like material gatherings and monster hunting.

To give V4 the benefit of the doubt, we still wanted to see what are updates it can bring next that will truly showcase its gameplay and not only flexing its visual muscle. The thing is you can't avoid it being compared to BDM without their uncanny similarities but for now, let's see what Nexon's can do about it. For now, V4 can suffice if you want something new to play on your mobile phones and enjoy killing time with your eyes being entranced.