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Azur Lane always had fun collaborations, while the first one is not really the best one in terms of the power of the characters it had and how interactive the collaborations are, they have made better events from Kizuna Ai collab and Hololive Collab, they made a lot of improvements back then. Now with another collab, it may not be as gimmicky as the other two, but it has points for the hotness department. Presenting, Azur Lane x Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation collaboration.

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Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation is a gacha game that can be played on the PC and Steam is hosting it right now. It lets you play Beach Volleyball and all the girls are sexy that it really is something eye-catching for those who are interested and not. To think it would collab with Azur Lane might be unbelievable to those who are not aware of the game, but for the real OGs like me. I think it meshes well, girls that are waifu-quality, usually on the beach and both gacha games, it is perfect for the game.


Now, Azur Lane's collaboration consists of a map with 4 regular stages, 1 EX Stage for the currency boost, and an EXTRA stage for bragging rights, the normal stages are easy and if you level enough ships, you can run a 1-3 ship or 3-1 ship set-ups for your PR ships, I'll use this time to get my Cheshire to 2M EXP and finally nab my Cat Maid.

Outside of the event maps, there's a beach volleyball mini-game and a stamp collection mini-game that can grant you collectible furniture that might not come back again so it is best to play through an event throughout the time period.


As for the characters, oooh they're so damn sexy! Well, DoA really has sexy and attractive characters but once they put it in Azur Lane, they are to die for. For the bad luck Brians out there, do not worry! You can get some characters from just playing the game and getting enough points. If you are worthy, getting 10k Venus Points will net you a free Nyotengu in the point accumulation system and you can buy Misaki for 8,000 Points. So you will still have them as long as you work hard. For the gacha characters, you can get Monica (2:31:40), Marie Rose (2:40:06), Kasumi (2:33:43), Nagisa (2:38:25), and Honoka (2:35:25) are exclusive there. You can still get Misaki though (2:41:17), those timers are for hours, minutes, and seconds. So you better keep track!


The skins are also on-fire! From the Misaki's which I think were the best as it highlights everything and ends with a captivating smile, Nyotengu has the confident aura as well that cannot be denied, finally, Marie Rose might not be attractive to a lot of people, but it is a basic swimsuit that you can't go wrong with, all of it is a win-win.


Well, I am autoing the game as we speak so you can see that I am really loving the event, I am a simple man, I see waifus, I play. How about you? Join the Azur Lane discussion now!
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