Vaccination site in Cebu City uses Genshin Impact posters to Encourage minors to get vaccinated

A COVID vaccination site in Cebu City went viral for using Genshin Impact posters to encourage minors to get vaccinated.


The vaccination site is located at Southwestern University PHINMA’s Coliseum Campus. The Cebuano site used Kaeya Alberich, the “Cavalry Captain” of the popular gacha game Genshin Impact.

cebu phinam.png

Yeona Ellice Soleng was the one responsible for taking pictures of the posters as well as tweeting them which in return went viral.


“My dad made an inquiry and he found out that the vaccination site for teenagers is at Southwestern University – PHINMA. So, he brought me and my sister there for our first jab of the vaccine,” Soleng stated. “I was both excited and surprised when I saw [Kaeya] and thought “Why would he be there at a vaccination site?” lol I didn’t expect to see [Kaeya] at a vaccination site for teenagers.”


The COVID-19 vaccination site located at Southwestern University PHINMA caters to minors ages 12-17 for their vaccination with the help of the Cebu City government.

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