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Aug 7, 2018
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Three lanes that connect each side's base and 10 players fighting in two teams to take down the opponents' crystal. That's what defined MOBA, the most popular genre that is familiar to everyone. It has also been what Vagary developers have been fighting for.

Most players know each famous MOBA game fairly well but few are aware of its origin and the hardship it bore on those days. In the very beginning, a group of players created a map with 3 lanes that have 3 towers on each of the lanes. And that was the birthday of the MOBA games players are enjoying today. That map was called Defense of the Ancients (DotA).

In our developer team, many have invested years in the development and promotion of DotA. Their hard work not only created a new game genre but also opened the floodgates for hundreds of MOBA games that players all over the world are playing today. And for those people, MOBA doesn't belong to someone or some company, neither it is a mod of some other game. It's the joint effort of all gamers that brought MOBA to this world and polished it into a shining star.

Many of those young people who worked on the DotA team have been continuing their pursuit and are eager to bring more games that players could enjoy. And those young people formed our developer team. Never stopped, they have devoted everything to the game they love for a single purpose—make the game fun. On the base of MOBA, they have made bold and decisive modifications and adjustments to the game: Gold is no longer a necessary resource. Gear and supplied are only acquired from the loot. Customizable skills and ability combinations. Plus the integration of the card system. All these elements will make the game fun and unpredictable. It's like a MOBA game but more than a MOBA game.

Creating a game that everyone loves is the dream of every game developer. We hope that you will enjoy such a game forged in our best creativity. The glory of MOBA games is based on every player's joint effort. Here we sincerely invite everyone to participate in our beta test and help us polish Vagary into a game that all players could enjoy. Hello Player 1, are you ready to start a new chapter of MOBA games alongside our team?

Are you seeking for a GUIDE? Welcome to Tutulu NEW ADVENTURER class! Look at the picture below

In Vagary, you can customize the gears and skills of the hero through the CARDS system! Now, open Vagary, follow the guide, and customize your exclusive CARD DECK!

Before your journey to Vagary, Tutulu has some warm tips to tell you:
  1. Technical Test will last 3 days: 10 am, 9th May, 2019 – 12 pm, 11th May, 2019 (PST)
  2. Technical Test is only for Android users only.
  3. Check the mailbox in game to receive your pre-registration exclusive gifts (Gold*1000, Hero Shards*10).
  4. Your account will be RESET when the test ends.
  5. Do not hesitate to contact with us, we value your feedback.
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Welcome to Vagary. Your feedback is what helps us improve the game.

Vagary is our dream and vision! We put a lot into this game and it gave us a lot in return.
Test-playing Vagary has truly been a blast, and we hope to be able to share our joys with you.And we hope that we'll be able to grow this thing together, bringing to you more, bigger and better fun.

The objective of this beta test is to refine the technical and core gameplay aspects of the game. We're seeking your feedback to help us create more and better content.
What are you waiting for? Join in the fun now, and enjoy a battle experience like never before.

We value your opinion! We hope Vagary can be the game that you want and deserve, and so we would like to invite you to join us on its maiden voyage and give us feed back that will help us improve, delivering an even more enjoyable experience.
Thank you.

** Game Description **
Fight for fun! Explore the magical world of Karass, a land shared by its many colorful civilizations and races. A man who lives with his trusty boar, a girl who can set anything on fire, the shocking Lightning Newt...pick your own special hero and journey out into this fantastic realm with your friends, in this brand-new fun yet competitive experience on mobile that actually rewards you for playing!

Fun and Fantastic heroes for Free!
A wide selection of unique heroes from Karass' many races and civilizations such as Yuntu Master and Boar Rider, in a cartoon-style - and every single one of them absolutely FREE!

Get gears and skills when you defeat monsters!
Microtransactions? Pay-to-win? Get your rewards by playing rather than paying - defeat mobs, clear lanes and destroy towers to get gear and skills for an exciting and surprising competitive experience like no other.

Dominate with brilliant combos
Absorb damage, disable enemies, heal your talent for battle by coming up with your own unique combination of 6 skills, dominating the battle field with your one-man combo!

Turn them into sheep!
Here there be dragons! A special skill allows you to turn all your enemies to SHEEP...baaaaaa!