Vagary Philippines Soft Launch


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Aug 7, 2018
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Vagary LAUNCH is starting soon! The Soft Launch is currently ONLY AVAILABLE for PHILIPPINES! Pre-register to get the rewards of 3000 GOLDS and 100 HERO SHARDS, which can help you to unlock ONE MORE HERO and 6 SKILLS CARDS!

Click the link to pre-register:

Every one of you is our friend, who are treasure for us. In the last Technical Test, you really helped us a lot, so that, Vagary grows more mature. Tutulu felt so sorry about the unclear description which makes you feel confused.

We sincerely invite you to pre-register, join in the Soft Launch and meet the better Vagary! Thank you so much!

You find the big DIFFERENCE between Vagary and other mobile battle arena games! In Vagary, gold is no longer the necessary resource, ITEMS only come from the LOOTS!

Besides of the gears, skills have also played an important role in a battle! Today, Tutulu will introduce a powerful skill ‘JET ROCKET’! By using this skill, you can land next to an allied hero, and knock away the nearby enemies! That’s really a useful skill to assist your allies quickly!

We have a large number of skill cards! Guess what other skills we have?

In this test we have made a lot of improvements and adjustments based on your feedback! There are 50 updates for this version! It’s really long and you might see them in the in-game Update Notice

Here Tutulu will show some issues you cared about most, let’s have a sneak peek!

Vagary Update – May 20, 2019

· Redesigned brand new tutorial
· Added bubble box tip for switching card decks for the first time entering hero choice interface after matching success
· Added estimated time for matchmaking
· Added exclusive rewards for Technical Testers
· Added setting for fixed left wheel
· Optimized hero information and card deck-building interface
· Redesigned chest reward interface after the fight is over
· Optimized ranked tier icon and ranked tier change display
· Optimized ranked match rating calculation rules
· Optimized wheel drag operation (When dragging camera, you won’t feel to shake a lot.)
· Optimized gear information display in battle
· Optimized HP bar display on top of hero’s head in battle
· Optimized card queue display in battle
· Optimized card drop display in battle
· Shadow Slash cast animation can be cancelled by basic attack
· The duration of Shadow Slash unselectable state increased
· Sword Formation now affected defender and Colossus
· Base attack reduced from 112 to 108
· Saliva Jet damage balanced from 205+40% skill power to 200+80% skill power
· Electric Surge physical defense reduction reduced from 50% to 30%
· Electric Surge damage balanced from 260+120% skill power to 250+140% skill power
· Skill power boost reduced from 17.5 to 11.5 when Tutulu’s level is up in battle
· Dart of Spades damage increased from 100+35% skill power to 100+40% skill power
· Attack power and skill power boost reduced when Bo’s level is up in battle
· Poisoned Weapon damage interval increased from 0.5 seconds to 0.85 seconds
· Poisoned Weapon each layer of [Poison] damage balanced to 18+7% skill power
· Fire Hex HP heal reduced from 30+8% skill power to 30+4% skill power
· Blazing Spirit damage balanced from 120+40% skill power to 105+30% skill power
· Blazing Spirit lifesteal reduction increased from 50% to 67%
· Ancient Scroll lifesteal reduced from 15% to 12%
· Skill power boost increased when Alice’s level is up in battle
· Discipline of Light damage increased from 120+35% skill power to 120+40% skill power
· Blessing of Light HP heal reduced from 30+10% skill power to 30+8% skill power
Ruo Xu
· Ruo Xu: HP boost increased when Ruo Xu’s level is up in battle
· [GEAR] Fairy Vines changed the description that basic attack has 25% chance to bind target for 1 second.
· [GEAR] Flora Crown damage bonus reduced from 35% to 25%
· [GEAR] Arcing Necklace damage balanced from 60+30% skill power to 90+60% skill power
· [GEAR] Arcing Necklace repeated damage increased damage reduction
· [GEAR] Electric Trident damage changed to 110+50% skill power
· [ULTIMATE] Water Cannon stun duration changed. Stun duration increased along with the cannon flight
· [ULTIMATE] Electric Strike damage changed to 60+20% skill power. Radius reduced from 600 yards to 500 yards. Damage interval increased from 1 second to 1.25 seconds
· [GEAR] Death Notice hit enemy hero to get CD reduction from absolute value to percentage.
· [GEAR] Shadow Cloak HP heal changed from 70+9% skill power to 45+6% skill power
· [ULTIMATE] Ultimate Killer applied an extra layer of [Poison] before explosion.
· [ULTIMATE] Ultimate Killer damage increased from 150+40% skill power to 150+60% skill power
· [ULTIMATE] Chaotic Flame collision radius increased from 150 yards to 250 yards
· [ULTIMATE] Chaotic Flame duration reduced from 4 seconds to 3.5 seconds
· [GEAR] Eternal Grail changed the description that Alice’s HP after resurrection reduced from 25% to 20%
· [ULTIMATE] Baptism of Light damage changed to 200+65% skill damage
· [ULTIMATE] Baptism of Light HP heal changed to 120+405% skill damage
· Fixed a bug where neutral gremlins attack other NPCs like minion, defender or Colossus.
· Defender switches attack target to be more prompt
· Fixed a bug where Roland cannot use other skills when casting Sword Dancer
· Fixed a bug where only enemy Tutulu’s saliva trail can reveal
· Fixed a bug where Bo’s passive skill icon misplaced
· Fixed a bug where enemy players cannot see the visual effect of [Frenzy] when Konbe cast this skill in the bush and hit


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Aug 7, 2018
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SOFT LAUNCH is coming tomorrow!Are you ready to go to Karass?
Have a look at the FAQ below!

What is Vagary?
Vagary is a 5V5 Amusing Battle Arena on mobile, in which you can enjoy the pure fun of fighting!

When can I download Vagary?
You can download Vagary now by searching “Vagary” in Google Play store, or clicking this link: . But the server will open at 10 AM tomorrow, so you cannot log in now.

What is Soft Launch?
Soft Launch is the second test of Vagary. The objective of this beta test is to refine the technical and core gameplay aspects of the game.

What’s the time period of Soft Launch?
Soft Launch will last for 8 days, from 10:00 AM, May, 24th, 2019 to 23:59 PM, May, 31st, 2019 (GMT +8).

Is there any rewards for testers?
Every adventurers will get the pre-registration rewards including 3000 Golds and 100 Hero Shards.

Do the Technical Testers have gift?
Technical Testers will get their exclusive Avatar Box in game.

What are the requirements of region and devices for this test?
This test is only available for Philippines and Android players. Global launch and IOS version will come in the future.

When is the next test?
Our next test will come in the late June. Please stay tuned!

Will my account be reset when test ends?
Your account will NOT be reset except for the ranking data.