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May 11, 2015
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A little guide I made for KRUL users sorry for the long explanation. I'm not good with illustrations but if you read it well it is really worth it


Hello VG players!

I've been playing this game for quite a while, and I enjoyed using a particular hero, he is no longer than Krul, the secret behind this dead man is his killing capabilities which is his hero perk. every time you damage any enemy or hero it stacks and the more stacks you have the greater chance of killing that enemy in one blow, which is the Spectral Smite.

I just want to share this guide to help other players enjoy KRUL, and yeah having a good teamplayer KRUL makes the game more exciting so I thought of this for better team play.

And so I introduce to you THE UNDYING KRUL.

Note: If you use this build against me you are just wasting your time, if you have any suggestions feel free to comment. add me up and see you in the battlefield.

IGN: ImSoSorry

Early Game Krul is a bit soft and easy to kill, but not that easy to do on solo. it depends on the hero you play against him. first thing that you buy is IRONGUARD CONTRACT. WHY? You need to earn lts of money as much as possible so you can buy at least two main Items. Just do the farming and gank an enemy hero if you have the opprtunity to do so.


SKILL GUIDE: SPECTRAL SMITE JUST MAX IT UP! the rest dpends on your preference.
Dead Man's Rush is quite useful if you want to do surprise attacks on enemy it also gives you lot of opportunity to do multi kills. so my tip is. EARLY GAME is Spectral Smite, then 2nd is Dead Man's Rush and Max Spectral Smite all the way! but never skip from Hell's Heart which is his ulti. it comes very handy when you are being ganked.


KRUL, just like Koshka and Taka he is also a HIT and RUN killer. especially on early game because just like these two heroes that I've mentioned he is too soft and easy to kill. so keep on hiding in bushes and you'll get your kills in no time, provided that you plan your moves of course.

Alright, so you've earned your money by farming and hiding, What's next? 1st buy weapon blade and upgrade it to six sins, let it stay there dont sell it because this is a big help if you want to engage on doing 1 on 1 the damage is minimal but on early game it is quite painful to your enemy. 2nd buy the *forgot the name* just the weapon that upgrades into blazing salvo, (you need speed for the stacks) 3rd buy lucky strike so all in all you have DAMAGE, SPEED AND CRIT. which makes you a bit more powerful now to do head to head on your enemies but this doesn't work all the time it also depends on their builds so you have to take note of that. if the enemy is a runner this is not quite good, so just keep on farming and stick to your team until you destroyed the first Turret.


1st Main Item:

with the Ironguard contract that you have and the farming that you did plus the turret that was already destroyed you can now buy TORNADO TRIGGER, this makes it a cost of 1k because earlier yiu have the blazing salvo and lucky strike. WHY TORNADO TRIGGER EARLY GAME? Krul Relies on Attack Speed for the stacks and the critical damage adds up to it plus the fact that you still have the six sins making your damage scary and the faster you build up the stacks.

2nd Main Item:

Serpent's Mask, after you have the tornado trigger, the game moves into a much lighter side mostly on your favor if you use KRUL well. considering you have the speed, you are still paperskin so you can't do head to head at least two enemies. so with this buy barbed needle for start, now what I like about this item is that it complements your ironguard which is the health regen, so if you have the barbed needle the better you can recover yiur health because of it's lifesteal for each damage. by this time you should probably be earning a decent amount of gold so sell your six sins and upgrade it to heavy steel. NOW YOU HAVE BETTER DAMAGE and LIFESTEAL, makes you last more on the battlefield. keep earning gold and finally upgrade it to SERPENT'S MASK.

NOW YOU HAVE THE TWO MAIN ITEMS, you can now enjoy a portion of the UNDYING KRUL, but this time if the enemy is quite smart they probably would give you a tie score or owning your Mine so dont be too complacent, stick to your team and plan your move before yiu engage. remember that you are a hit and run killer which leads us to our next item

3rd and 4th Item

BUILD EITHER FOUNTAIN OF RENEWAL OR METAL JACKET, if you are quite skilled in doing the hit and run. I suggest you build fountain of renewal because with this, you can already kill enemies and not worry about your life, but of you are more on engaging enemies head to head you can choose to build metal jacket first because it guves a considerable amount of defense for you to last on the battles.

for fountain of renewal start with lifespring, adding this up imagine these items that you have now, Serpent's Mask is for life steal Ironguard is Health Regen and now the lifespring is also for regen, the trick in maximizing it's potential is the DEADMAN's rush, once that barrier sets in within those few seconds that you are undamageable you regain almost half of the damage that you took.

if you are up to building the metal jacket make sure that you know how to limit your attacks if the enemy has an insane damage build, you wont last long on head to head if their build is on damage unless you have smart teammates.

5th Item,

We are almost there to reaching KRUL's UNDYING BUILD

After you have the Fountain of Renewal and Metal Jacket, you are already like the boogey man, no one will dare touch you or get close to you because you are insanely tough and just like wolverine your life gets up very very fast. now the fifth Item to complete the UNDYING KRUL IS..... THE SORROWBLADE, (ohhhhh) you dont need a lot of explanation for this, considering you have THE SPEED, LIFESTEAL,VERY TOUGH DEFENSE, YOU NEED TO END IT UP WITH INSANE DAMAGE, making you like a God already by this time, you can do triple kills with no difficulty except if your enemy is good and stunning, running and hiding, you better back off and join your team first.

6th Item Travel Boots or its final form *again I forgot the name*

The reason why I had this as the last item because krul has his own inner speed after huding in the bushes, the heroic perk makes it a good substitute for the boots, again it still depends on your play. you can buy it early or mid or late game. it is all up to your playstyle.

So that pretty much explains my UNDYING KRUL BUILD. if you guys have some comments feel free, no need for indecent opinions because this is just a guide I made to help improve other newbies on the game. if you find this guide helpful a simple thank you is enough.

Hope to see you guys on the battlefield!