Vainglory: Legion of One opens its pre-registrations for its closed alpha today but limited spots only

Bazooka Tango has announced that a spinoff game from the Vainglory universe is currently in development. The studio plans to return to their roots with this new title Vainglory: Legion of One.


Vainglory, Vainglory: Legion of One’s predecessor, is a popular cross-platform MOBA that was originally developed by Super Evil Megacorp. Vainglory was one of the most popular games under the MOBA genre and that resulted in the game receiving numerous awards and recognitions around the world.

Before the announcement for Vainglory: Legion of One, Bazooka Tango had already released a spinoff game under the Vainglory universe titled as Vainglory All Stars. It is a 3v3 game where players pick characters from Vainglory to form two teams that will battle against each other. There’s also a game mode wherein players will select from a gallery of more than 26 heroes and pit them against each other.


Vainglory: Legion of One was revealed by Bazooka Tango through Twitter. The upcoming game will be combining elements of MOBA and battle royale to deliver a unique gaming experience to players.

The game is still in its early stages of development but Bazooka Tango has given a sneak peek of the gameplay. As seen in the gameplay footage, the upcoming MOBA has retained the classic features of Vainglory but with detailed level design and different characters. Vainglory’s signature gameplay can also be seen but mixed with the elements of battle royale.


Bazooka Tango has opened the pre-registrations for Vainglory: Legion of One’s closed alpha today.


Interested players can pre-register through the game’s official website but hurry, because the spots are limited for this test.

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