Vainglory Walkthrough

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Nov 4, 2018
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Fans of the MOBA genre, with games such as DOTA and League of Legends, will no doubt enjoy getting their hands on Vainglory, the latest title from Super Evil Megacorp. Control various heroes, team up or play against people from all over the world. Prove your dominance within the Halycon Fold and show your mastery of the game as you lead your team to victory. Exciting and addictive is this title, and here’s our guide on how you can better play the game. Shatter the Vain, Win the Game.

Vainglory is a MOBA type game where in players will have to participate in three on three battles with the ultimate goal of destroying the Vain crystal located at the opponent’s base. Of course, players will also have to defend their own Crystal as well. There are other NPCs that will either fight for you or against you, as well as neutral characters that you can kill for experience and gold.

Capturing positions is key, especially when it comes to the lane. Claiming crystal and gold mines will also provide you an advantage, which is why having the right combination of teammates as well as good strategy is key to victory. The game ends once a Vain crystal has been destroyed.

Gold is the main currency within the game. Gold is earned automatically in battle, and more can be earned by killing enemies, minions, and the like. Claiming gold mines will also benefit you as it will allow you to periodically earn gold for as long as these mines are not captured by enemies. Gold allows players to purchase items in the shop such as upgrades and accessories which may have passive or active effects as well as consumable items that you can use whenever you see fit.

Leveling Up
Experience earned will allow you to level up. As your level increases, base statistics will increase and skills may be upgraded. Experience can be earned whenever enemies are killed. Take note that both experience and gold can only be earned from fallen enemies if you are the one that struck the killing blow. Levels will reset back to one once you die or restart a game.

The base is where your Vain crystal is found, and it must be protected at all costs. If players die, they will return to the base with full health. Take note, however, that each time you die, respawn times will take longer. The base is also where you can find a shop and where you can regain more health and take more damage. This is where players will reach a conundrum as they are strongest while in their own base, but victory would mean that they would have to move away from it.

Should players wish to return to their base immediately, they would have to go to the jungle and call the Teleport command. Teleporting will only work, however, if you don’t move or get attacked for a length of time, so make sure to stay away from the action if you don’t want to walk back to the base.

Two shops are available within the game, namely in your own base and a mutually usable one in the jungle. The shop is where players will be able to spend their gold in order to access various items that will boost your abilities as well as provide you with new skills. Take note that some skills cannot be purchased before the earlier ones in the tier have been acquired. There are also consumable items that will allow you to regain health or lay traps, among others. Items purchased will be kept with you should you die and respawn.

Turrets are defensive units that will attack enemies that come within range. Players will also have turrets of their own which will guard their base. Turrets are important as players cannot damage the enemies’ Vain crystal unless all turrets have been destroyed. Similarly, only the turret farthest away from the enemy base can be destroyed, which means that they would have to be removed from the game in sequence.

Take note of turrets’ attack behavior, as well. Turrets will only attack minions first and heroes second, but heroes will be attacked first only if they choose to attack enemy heroes. Use this knowledge to take down turrets fast and easy.

The jungle can be found at the lower section of the map. The jungle is more of a close quarter combat area as compared to the main lane where ranged heroes would usually have the better advantage. Here, players will be able to find neutral characters which may be killed for gold and experience as well as help regain your health, a shop that is accessible to all, as well as mines that will, when captured, either give you gold payouts or increase the strengths of your minions. Navigate through this area if you want to farm for resources and level up, and also if you want to be able to better sneak up on your opponents if most of them are in the lane.

Players can choose various heroes to control, and each have different abilities and strengths. Classes range from warriors, assassins, snipers, and many more, and having the right combination of classes within your team is integral especially if they are able to more effectively work against the opposition. Heroes have both passive and active abilities, the latter of which can be unlocked and upgraded as players level up. Using active abilities will also reset its cooldown time, preventing spamming. With that, balance your attacks and know when to retreat in order to optimize your character’s abilities and to become more of an asset to your team.

Minions are special characters that will spawn endlessly. They will automatically attack enemy heroes, minions, and turrets, serving the purpose of cannon fodder as well as distractions so that you can take down enemies easier. Minions may also be farmed for gold and experience, which is why you should prevent enemies from doing the same by strengthening minions, which in turn can be done by capturing crystal mines.

Speaking of mines, miners can be found near mines which are located in the jungle. Killing gold miners will let you earn whatever gold has been accumulated, while killing crystal miners will enhance your minions’ stats. Miners respawn, though, and you must prevent enemies from dealing the killing blow to them so that they will not capture mines and reap the benefits of such.

Later in the game, a Kraken will be released, and players can attack them so that the team that deals it a killing blow would make the Kraken eventually fight on their side. Thus, it is essential that you kill the Kraken once it appears as it would be a great help in turning the tide in your favor. The Kraken usually appears at around the twenty minute mark, so keep an eye out on the clock so that you can take advantage of this powerful ally. Should an allied Kraken be killed, however, it would mean a huge gold payout for the opposing team, so take that into consideration as well.