Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Sentinel's First LAN Loss At Masters, Team Secret Qualifies For Champions

North American VALORANT powerhouse, Sentinels, tastes their first defeat on LAN during VCT Masters Berlin. Meanwhile, Team Secret qualifies for VCT Champions after Paper Rex's loss against SuperMassive Blaze.


Sentinels' first loss in LAN​

Recent updates for VCT Masters Berlin highlights the loss suffered by one of the favorite teams to win it all, NA's first seed Sentinels, against the first seed of EMEA region, G2 Esports. When the European powerhouse faced up against the Masters Reykjavik champions Sentinels in their Group D rematch, they came prepared to compete at their absolute best. As part of their opening round victory on Icebox, G2 dominated the North American squad and went into halftime with a dominant 9-3 advantage. After then, the Sentinels were unable to score any more points during their brief offensive stanza, and they fell to a 12-3 defeat.

When it came to the second map, Split, the competition was even tighter. This time around, Sentinels chose the map, and despite the fact that they started the battle as the offensive side, they managed to win a good four rounds.

The Sentinels then won a vital pistol round, which propelled them to a 9-8 match score lead. However, as a result of incredible Astra moves from Auni "AvovA" Chahade, G2 was able to reestablish their rhythm and prevent any possibility of a Sentinels comeback from happening in the second half. The statement victory lifts G2 to the top of Group D, while the Sentinels are forced to settle for second place and reflect on an out of character performance.


Team Secret heads to VCT Champions​

In other VCT news, Paper Rex's match versus SuperMassive Blaze elicited a range of reactions from Filipino fans, some of which were contradicting. It is possible that a Paper Rex victory would be extremely beneficial for the Southeast Asian Valorant scene, but it would also mean that Team Secret would have their work cut out for them if they wished to qualify for the world finals.

SuperMassive Blaze had been operating full control in Haven on until all of a sudden, they were not. Paper Rex rallied to force the battle into overtime, and they were more than successful, claiming the opening map 14-12 in the process. However, SMB had other plans for the boys from SEA, who were hoping to put an end to the game on their own map selection, Breeze. After dominating the tropical island to level the scores, the Turkish superteam went on to win the last match on Split, thanks to an ace from Eren "Brave" Kasrga.

As a result of Paper Rex's defeat, they were still tied with the old Bren roster for second place on the circuit with 225 points; however, because Jayvee "DubsteP" Paguirigan and his teammates had the superior head-to-head record, the plane ticket to Champions falls into Team Secret's hands.