VALORANT Champions Tour 2021

The growth of Riot Games' VALORANT after being launched for free last June 02, 2020 has been successful. This multiplayer tactical first-person hero shooter has gathered a lot of support from all around the globe. Adding a twist to the classic FPS game by giving agents different unique abilities, each requiring charges, as well as a unique ultimate ability that requires charging through kills, deaths, or spike/bomb actions has caught the interest of many gamers, be it from pro players, former pro players, streamers, and even regular gamers. Because of the attention it has gotten, and through its continuous growth, Riot Games has decided to step it up a notch and are taking the next step in making VALORANT the next great, multigenerational e-sport.

Through a blog posted on November 24, 2020, Riot Games announced their first attempt at an official international tournament for VALORANT -- The 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour. It will be a year-long circuit of regional competition and will finally conclude in an international Champions event by the end of 2021, following in the footsteps of Riot Games' League of Legends. In preparation for the Champions Tour, Riot Games has designed it to be an open, merit based qualifiers where teams will earn there place on stage and considered breaks for pro players to help avoid burnout. They have also designed a calendar of events that was easy to follow.

VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 a.jpg

The circuit structure of the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour will feature 3 levels of competition: Challengers, Masters, and Champions. It will begin with a series of Challenger matches which has already started this month. It is organized by Riot Games with third-party partners where teams will qualify through open qualifiers. There will be three tournaments in the Challenger stage and a final taking place over six weeks, where each set of tournament will feature 8 teams who will battle it out through the open qualifiers. The Top 4 from each set will advance on to the next stage, which will take place the weekend after. During the second stage, the top 4 teams will advance to the Challenger Finals while the bottom 4 will bypass the third stage qualifiers. The representatives for each region will be determined during the Challenger Finals and will be moving on to the next level, the Masters, and will participate in three events which will take place on March, June and September.

VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 b.jpg

International Masters Event will have a total of 16 teams who will gain the opportunity to earn points that will count towards qualification for the Champions stage. The regional distribution for the 16 Masters team is as follows:
  • North America: 3 slots
  • Europe: 4 slots
  • Brazil: 2 slots
  • Korea: 2 slots
  • Japan: 2 slots
  • Southeast Asia: 2 slots
  • Latin America: 1 slot
Oceanian teams will have qualifications through North American events. Turkey, CIS and Middle East/North Africa will have qualifications through European events.

Although specific details regarding point distribution will be shared on a later date, the team who wins the last Masters Event will automatically qualify into the Champions stage with an additional slot for a team within their region. There will also be a series of Last Chance Qualifiers that will give teams one final chance to qualify into Champions. The regional distribution for the Champions team is as follows:

Circuit Point Slots​

  • North America: 2 slots
  • Europe: 2 slots
  • Brazil: 2 slots
  • Latin America: 1 slot
  • Japan: 1 slot
  • Southeast Asia: 2 slots
  • Korea: 1 slot

Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) Slots​

  • North America: 1 slot
  • Europe: 1 slot
  • South America: 1 slot
  • Asia: 1 slot
VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 c.jpg

The season will conclude with Champions, VALORANT's version of League of Legends Worlds, which will take place later on in the year. 16 teams will battle for the title in a massive two-week long tournament where only one will be crowned the first ever VALORANT global champion.