Valorant Game Changers Championship 2023: Everything You Need to Know

After a year of intense regional competition, the world's best Game Changers teams are set to battle for the title of World Champion. From November 28th to December 3rd, São Paulo, Brazil, will play host to the VALORANT Game Changers Championship 2023 — an event that promises to ignite the competitive spark in every VALORANT player.


The Best of the Best: Eight Teams, One Trophy

The VALORANT Game Changers Championship is the culmination of the 2023 Game Changers series, featuring eight top-tier teams representing their respective regions. These squads have earned their spots through victories at major events and collecting the highest circuit points in their respective regions. From North America to EMEA, APAC, East Asia, Brazil, and Latin America, the tournament is a reflection of the most skilled women in VALORANT.


Tournament Format: A Test of Champions

This championship will feature a double-elimination format with best-of-three matches through the opening rounds. Teams from the same regional qualifiers will be placed on opposite sides of the bracket, ensuring that we’ll see diverse international matchups. When only two teams remain standing, a Best-of-5 Grand Final will determine the Game Changers World Champion.

Drops, Surprises, and Watch Parties!


The Game Changers Finals will be full of surprises. Tune in ahead of the Grand Finals on December 3rd for a preview of the upcoming Team Deathmatch map!
To commemorate the event, fans can capture a part of VALORANT history by collecting Game Changers Championship broadcast drops. To be eligible for drops, viewers need to connect their VALORANT account to their YouTube and/or Twitch accounts, and then watch Game Changers World Championship action on drop-enabled channels during specific match times and on Finals Day.

Learn more about how to link your Riot Account to Twitch and YouTube below:


Watch a live game between Nov. 28 - Dec. 2 to earn the Title: Louder


Watch a live game on Dec 3 to earn the Gun Buddy: Game Changers Trophy

Mark Your Calendars: The Schedule


The action-packed tournament is spread over six days, offering VALORANT fans around the world plenty of opportunities to witness history in the making:
  • Day 1 (November 28): Upper Bracket Round 1​
  • Day 2 (November 29): Upper Bracket Round 1 & Upper Bracket Round 2​
  • Day 3 (November 30): Lower Bracket Round 1 & Upper Bracket Round 2​
  • Day 4 (December 1): Lower Bracket Round 2 & Lower Bracket Round 3​
  • Day 5 (December 2): Lower Bracket Round 3 & Lower Final​
  • Day 6 (December 3): Grand Final​

How to Tune In: The Broadcast

For those eager to catch all the action live, the VALORANT Game Changers Championship 2023 will be streamed on both Twitch and YouTube. It's an opportunity for seasoned esports enthusiasts and newcomers alike to witness the fiery competition and perhaps discover their own competitive spark.

As the world unites in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to celebrate the spirit of esports and the undying passion within every VALORANT player, we invite you to join us in igniting your own competitive spark. This championship isn't just about gaming; it's about the journey, the unforgettable moments, and the stories of champions that will inspire generations to come. Be part of this thrilling adventure, and witness the crowning of the 2023 VALORANT Game Changers World Champion.

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