VALORANT is collaborating with Webtoon for a Fanart and Comics contest

Riot Games is collaborating with digital comic site WEBTOON to allow VALORANT fans and players to create their own comics set in the VALORANT universe. VALORANT fans are encouraged to showcase their artistic abilities with the launch of this upcoming contest. They'll have to "bring to life" the "Y GECELER" agent trailer for Fade, which was released earlier this year in the form of a multi-panel comic fan art. The event will start on August 23 and submissions will be accepted up until September 18.


For a chance to win, participants must submit a fan art or a full comic (up to 20 panels) depicting their interpretation of The Sting in Istanbul. Between September 19 and 29, a panel of judges chosen by Riot Games or WEBTOON will select four Grand Prize winners and five additional winners. WEBTOON fans can vote for one People's Choice winner during the same time period. On October 5, all winners will be announced.


The Grand Prize winner and People's Choice winner will each receive a one-hour virtual brainstorming session with members of the VALORANT Premium Content team.. In addition, all ten winners will be showcased on WEBTOON as well as the official Valorant page, with an additional spotlight on all of Valoarant's official social media channels.

For more information on the event, check out Webtoon's official notice!