Valorant Leak Hints at 1v1 Game Mode

Official matchmaking for 1v1 "arena" duels is about to make Valorant more competitive.


During rated games, competitive players enjoy challenging their opponents to a 1v1 duel. It's a typical strategy among dedicated Valorant players who wish to blame a loss on their teammates while ignoring their own toxicity. Custom modes have been the only method to compete in private matches, unfortunately. Riot Games could be working on a brutal battleground to host all of those 1v1 battles.

An in-game screenshot has slipped through the cracks, most likely from Valorant's testing grounds. Players were drawn to a new 1v1 arena deathmatch label.

However, players should temper their enthusiasm because the new function is still under beta testing. If the idea doesn't fit Valorant's playstyle, clashes with other modes, or isn't interesting, Riot Games may abandon it. Even if it is approved, the new 1v1 Arena game option is unlikely to be released anytime soon.

What will the 1v1 Arena game mode entail?
Players may already fight in 1v1 duels in a custom Valorant mode, so the new addition will certainly add something fresh to the mix. Riot may add a unique twist to this game mode, similar to Spike Rush, to increase the competitive value.


The 1v1 mode, according to ValorLeaks, will be shorter than the other games. Instead of 13 rounds every half, the game could be reduced to 10 or 13 rounds. A shortened version of the game will speed up the game and allow two players to rapidly identify who is the best. Apart from 1v1, the leaked image also revealed a quick play tab. There is presently no information available about this.

Riot Games has yet to respond to the disclosures, so supporters of the new mode should cross their fingers. Until then, gamers can play private games with their friends and newly discovered foes in custom mode.

valorant-1v1 (1).jpg

How many different game modes does Valorant have?
Competitive, Unrated, Spike Rush, Replication, Deathmatch, and the Practice Range are the five game modes available in Valorant.

Valorant offers nine modes in all, including Snowball Fight and Escalation, which will return following the rotation update. More modes, both permanent and limited-edition, are likely to be added in the future.