Valorant Mobile Being Developed? String of Codes and UI Leaks Found in Patch 1.08

Everybody knows how huge the mobile market is. I don't really know what's going on with the gaming companies out there but it seems that they're racing and betting on who's going to create the next dominating game in the mobile platform. And Riot, after porting League of Legends to the mobile platform using Wild Rift, might be developing yet another port for their fast-growing game, Valorant.

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Interesting, isn't it? Well, the way the data miners discovered this set of information was actually funny. One is an accidental gameplay bug and the other is an actual line of code discovered within the game files. And the funny thing here is that the recently found line of code corresponds to the accidental discovery of a random Valorant player in Reddit months ago.

I did my best to find the source of the UI leaks and, lo and behold, it truly exists on Reddit! Kieggan Davis, the player, managed to record the gameplay footage and uploaded it on Youtube and Twitter. Riot acknowledged the bug and it seems they were also surprised as to how it came out. Take note tho that this To make things clearer here's the recorded video:

The Reddit post, Youtube video, and Tweet were finally noticed by Riot and their Principal Software Engineer, Riot Boo, and replied with a statement that may have hinted the "touch screen" controls. Everybody knows that the touch screen feature is mostly implemented in mobile phones and tablets.

Thanks for the report; we'll take a look. You have a touch screen on that laptop?
--Riot Boo's Reply On Twitter (@RiotNu)

And later on, Kieggan Davis confirmed that he's using a tablet/laptop hybrid, Lenovo Yoga, that might have caused the said bug. The bizarre feature that he can actually click the buttons using the mouse and the game responds clearly to it means that it's functioning!

It was 5 months ago and Riot could've just dumped it due to that sudden mistake. It's like an Easter Egg that wasn't meant to be found but, I guess Riot decided to ride the flow and just continue giving hints. How? Well, recently, a line of code was discovered from the game files itself.
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Looking at these codes that were mined from the Patch 1.08, you can already tell and assume that the controls mentioned are for mobile controls. "Double tapping on left hand side of screen" and "Mobile_BasicMovement_Jump" are enough to convince me that they're working on the mobile version of the game. The people behind this discovery are SkillCapped Valorant Tips Tricks and Guides.

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You might know them from their online game learning platform which I'll provide down below if ever you're interested. Now, going back to the codes, can you see how it matches the description of the controls that you can see from the leaked UI? But, we can't know for sure. There's no official announcement yet and all of these are still subject to any future changes.

With the huge possibility of console port being under development, the mobile platform might be just around the corner too. Not too long ago, Riot Devs told in the interview that despite the challenges, they're working hard on bringing Valorant to other port. This might be it.

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Before we end, I'm giving full credits to Kieggan Davis, SkillCapped, and Riot for the images, videos, and contents included in here. As for SkillCapped's website, you check them out at to improve your gaming skills.

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