Valorant Mobile Gameplay Leaked Almost the same as its PC version

Valorant Mobile is one of the most anticipated games that’s coming to the platform. As Valorant is well-known, its mobile version is obviously a much-awaited one. The game recently completed its private test in China and as details of the game are kept concealed, there’s not much known about it. However, a 13-minute clip of Valorant Mobile gameplay is currently circulating online.


The 13-minute clip, which allowed us to take a good look at what the game is like, showcased the gameplay of Valorant Mobile,. The gameplay clip recorded from the point of view of Phoenix, one of the operators of Valorant, is similar to the PC version of the game. The only difference, the touch controls.


Currently, Bind is the only map available in the game, as shown in the clip, and players are seen engaged in a match of classic Plant/ Defuse with 5 players on each team. Everything in the Valorant Mobile is similar to the PC version, from the abilities to the weapons available during the Buy Stage, everything is the same.

However, as this is a mobile version, some features of the game were scaled down to fit a mobile device. Some clear changes in the game’s UI include the start menu, loading screen, and more.

valorant 3.jpeg

As Valorant Mobile is still being developed, there’ll be changes that will be made in the game before the developers finally release it. For now, let’s just wait for the game to be officially revealed by Riot Games themselves. And as the details being posted online are still leaks, take it with a grain of salt.