Valorant Mobile has finally entered its closed beta test with gameplay footages showing the current stage of its development

As one of the most popular multiplayer tactical-shooter games and has already established itself as one of the top esports games, Valorant sure is one of the most successful games there is. Due to its immense success, even with only 3-4 years of it being released, Riot Games has announced that a mobile version for it will be releasing soon.

Valo M 1.jpg

After its announcement last June 2021, gameplay and screenshots of the mobile version have circulated online and now that the game has entered its closed beta test in China, more videos, clips of tutorial, gameplay, and more can be seen on the internet.

Valo M 2.jpg

The opening cinematics of the mobile version is similar to the Valorant trailer in the PC version. A source of energy can be seen in the video, which is the thing that the agents need to protect for the good of the world. Most of the senior agents like Jett, Brimstone, Reyna, and Phoenix can be seen and they were joined by some newer faces like Yoru, and Skye.

After the cinematic trailer, the tutorial screen will appear with the fan-favorite Jett giving tips to the newbie. During the tutorial, gunplay mechanics, abilities usage and more will be learned. In the main menu, short clips that explain the agent's abilities can be seen, which is something that was not available in the PC version. Players can also change the layout (two-finger or three-finger) and the buttons in the settings.

Valo M 3.jpg

The player in the video will also get into a real match with Sage guiding them to the basics like spike-planting, sites, and how to buy guns from the buy menu. The new player has Sova as its character, who uses recon to search out players on the map and can send Owl Drone to scan out close corners and locations.

Valo M 4.jpg
Valo M 6.jpg

Some players saw the gunplay mechanics as a bit mediocre than it was in the PC version. This was already a concern before as it was seen in the early gameplay mechanics of the game. Additionally, the first-person shooter doesn’t look good on the digital screen and with so many abilities of the agents on the screen, it unfortunately made the game screen look clumsy.

Valo M 5.jpg

Don’t worry though, as this game is still in development, we can be rest assured that the developers will work on how to make the game better than it initially was. They also said in their previous interview that they won’t release the game until it feels good on mobile. So for the meantime, stay tuned for further developments of Valorant Mobile!