Valorant Mobile is reportedly being tested on iOS devices according to some leaked game codes

According to some leaks from the game’s code, Riot Games's official mobile version of its popular 5v5 tactical shooter Valorant, Valorant Mobile, is said to be being tested in different iOS devices, as the mobile game is nearing its global release.


As there has been significant development from the mobile game’s private Google Play beta that took place earlier this month, it makes sense that the developers are now moving onto iOS devices. This update was provided by dataminer, @valohabercisi, who found out that the upcoming mobile game is being optimized for iOS devices, from iPhone 5s to the latest-gen iPads.

However, Riot Games has yet to reveal any information about the game so as of the moment, its unsure in what stage of development Valorant Mobile is currently in. But thanks to some leaked footage from the closed-off Chinese beta from a while ago, it showcased that the mobile game is pretty good-looking. Stay tuned for more details!