Valorant Mobile’s Closed Beta Test in China has been leaked!

Riot Games’ 5v5 tactical FPS Valorant is currently having its first closed beta test for its mobile version, Valorant Mobile, in China. As the closed beta test for Valorant Mobile is limited to China, every information about the game was kept under wraps, however, some images of the game have been leaked. This allowed for players, outside of China, to know what the mobile version of the game looks like.

valorant m4.jpg

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The screenshots were provided by a Twitter user that goes by the name Mudra_Valorant. The screenshots that were released showed the game itself like how the UI for touch controls has been placed. The core of the game appears to be the same as its predecessor like buying weapons at the start of a match, 5-member teams, special abilities for the chosen agent, and the minimap of Ascent.

valorant m.jpg

valorant m2.jpg

Aside from the graphics looking quite good even though it’s not the final build of Valorant Mobile, it appears to be that there are several agents that are featured in the game such as Sova, Killjoy, Breach, Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, and Skye.

valorant m3.jpg

As this is still leaked information, it's best to wait for Riot Games’ official announcement about Valorant Mobile. In the meantime, don’t expect too much yet since the game has only entered its closed beta test in China, therefore, a lot of changes will still happen in the features of the game depending on player feedback.

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