VALORANT new leveling system will be based on time played

The first act of Episode 3 is named "Reflection," and it features a new KAY/O. With the latest patch, the developers have also included a number of competitive adjustments. Every single existing agent in the game has undergone some modifications. Jett, for example, is no longer able to sprint through Cypher's tripwire, which is terrible news for Jett mains.


Riot has officially published the new Account Leveling system, in addition to all of the Ranked and performance improvements.

The new progression system appears to be there to thank you for playing VALORANT. The system will reward you with a numerical level that will appear on your player card as a result of your efforts.

The numeric level is determined by how many hours you've spent playing VALORANT. Also, the leveling system is the same regardless of which game mode you play; even if you just play Unrated or Spike Rush. So, based on their Account level badge, you can estimate how much time individuals have spent in the game.

After every 20 levels, the badge, which has a number value and a border, will change.


During the Episode Three developer webcast, senior competitive designer Jon "EvrMoar" Walker discussed the forthcoming player advancement system, including how to account leveling will operate. Players will be retrospectively awarded an account level depending on how much VALORANT they've played so far in tomorrow's Episode Three patch.

EvrMoar explained that there are three methods to reward players: time, skill, and money. “We're extremely excellent at rewarding your talent; in the battle pass, you can buy skin prizes with money, but we don't have a method to reward your time. As a result, this is the first step.”

To level up, all you have to do is play the game and collect Account Points (AP). The amount of AP you get is determined on how much time you spend on each match. Surprisingly, the outcome of your encounter will have an impact on the AP, and you will be awarded with additional points if you win your first match of the day.

You will level up and get a better badge once you have earned 5000 AP through grinding the game. Players at level 180, for example, would advance to level 200 after earning 5000 AP.

Fortunately, whatever time you spend on VALORANT before to Patch 3.0 will not be wasted. Riot revealed that based on how many matches you've played before the current patch, you'll receive rewards ranging from Account Level 1 to 100.

Besides the ranks, the VALORANT Account leveling system will become another motivating factor for players to grind Riot’s FPS title even more. That’s because everyone would want to earn a badge with a higher level to flaunt it on their player card.

What are Account Points?
  • The pool of experience points acquired from playing any game mode in VALORANT is known as Account Points. After their first victory, players can also earn a daily bonus of Account Points. This may be done in any game mode, including competitive, unranked, Spike Rush, and rotational (currently Snowball Fight).
  • The number of Account Points gained every match is determined by the match's outcome and time, thus a hard-fought victory in competitive or unranked play will yield considerably more points than a fast defeat in Spike Rush. Every 5,000 Account Points gained, the player's account is leveled up.

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