Valorant PH: My Account got Banned (Kathleen Reyes)

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Nov 11, 2022
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Kath reyes
Valorant PH: My account got banned
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Kathleen Reyes
Good afternoon. I noticed that I have been banned from Valorant PH, and I assume it is because of my comment that said, “suntukan nalang.” I understand now that out of context, it sounds absolutely wrong. I commented it jokingly with the intent of lighting up the mood, in an ironic way. I did not mean any ill intent with the comment, and it would be the first time I posted something completely wrong out of context. I quite enjoy being in Valorant PH because the posts are funny and relatable and it is a good way to connect with other Valorant players. I understand that comments like that don’t spark a positive influence to the group and I will not repeat the same behavior again. I will apologize for my comment, sincerely.

Hoping to lift this ban. Thank you and godbless!
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