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May 24, 2022
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Vanessa Navarro
Good day,

I am creating this support ticket because it seems like I was banned from the Facebook group Valorant PH.

My name is Vanessa Navarro, also known as Good Game V. Last December 2021, I was banned from the group Valorant PH because I plugged my streaming page on the comments of my own post, without fully knowing the rules of the group. I fully admit that my ignorance cost me my inaccessibility but I honestly did not expect it would only take one mistake for me to get banned. Still, it was my fault and I deeply apologize.

With that said, I am hoping for your consideration in allowing me to join Valorant PH again. Should I be given the chance, I will make sure every post I'd make in the future would follow all your rules. For your reference, this is my Facebook link:

Thank you for your time and understanding. Hoping to hear from you soon.
Hi restriction has been lifted however the account will still be under content review so we suggest reading our group specific guidelines
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