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Mar 26, 2023
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Lauren Lyle Barrera
Hi Pinoygamer! This is my first attempt to reach out after getting banned from the group, and that was way back in 2022. I was very active in posting my memes, invites, and clips on your group page. As far as I can remember, my last post was a TikTok I made, and I was talking about something related to Valorant, but I guess some of the users reported that, which led to me getting banned. If you will look at the history of my posts way back in 2021 to 2022, I would always share ONLY Valorant content, most of which were clips of my own games, memes I made, and some TikToks about Valorant too.

I hope you get to read this and understand why I want to get myself unbanned after a long, long time. I have always loved Valorant and still play it daily. The Facebook group definitely gave me a lot of friends, laughs, and memories. Also, I miss posting my clips and making new friends there. Hope you take this in consideration. :)

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