Valorant PH Unban Request

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May 27, 2023
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justine charles cutaran
fb account that got banned: Justine Cutaran | Facebook
hi po i admit na may rules po akong naviolate and im sorry for that po. i have violated the buying and selling rule of the group last october or september of 2022 selling valorant champions keycaps. the reason behind po for that act is to support my upcoming exam but yes i believe po na it is not an excuse for the violation, but what i can assure po is to not do it again po, i have a stable work from home now po so hindi na po siya mauulit.

the post was the valorant champions keycaps, having over 1k reactions and around 100(?) comments po.

really hoping for the unban po as i just want to find a party to play with when my work is done po, promise di na po magbebenta :).
A violation is a violation regardless of the engagement, we made it clear we will perma ban users doing so and won't compromise. TLDR: Ban won't be lifted.
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